Satoshi was really sad this ep, which was a surprise to me. Come on, I can’t be the only one who thought Houtarou’s expression when those two old women were buying copies was hilarious. Well for this series and for Oreki himself TBH. Chitanda is curious about the incident, too, but got shocked by Oreki’s lie about being very bad This manga looked really good, it would be nice if it exist in rl too D: And he thinks that what was written at afternote is related to the stealing incident.

She does appear to know about juumonji, since she gave oreki the manga with a key clue. However Eru in the spoiler was nice to see since she is about to go on AIR with a radio post. I hope Oreki will help her out on that. I’m hoping for more romantic flourishes to occur between them as the end approaches, considering those instances have been consistently present throughout, despite being rather light in nature. That energy is necessary to restore Mayaka in turn, who suffers her greatest disgrace yet at the manga club. BBCode I want Rambo in a mecha-suit with a laser-chainsaw gun that fires nuclear warheads, fighting the love-child of Predator, Alien, a group of Bangladeshi terrorists, and Satan. As Chitanda would say:

Lastly I hope they show Oreki’s sister’s face in the end lol. This will probably lead to Epsode helping her out which will speed up the development between the 2. Either way I see the club as a whole being shaken for the better by this incident and hopefully shake off their insecurities. While in fact it has proven so far to far surpass them IMO on many levels.


As Oreki offhandedly declares he may have figured out the entire Juumaji mystery, Satoshi actually loses his composure. But now I am even more convinced that she has something to do with the episodr.

Lol at Oreki saying that the discussion would contain “adut” contents: Loved Chitanda’s reaction to him mentioning the “adult stuff”.

Derp, hhyouka keep track of time apparently! That would be bad IMO.

Hyouka – Episode 16

Animevrazy now visits of all times. The mystery is unraveling very nicely, and I can’t wait for what appears to be the conclusion next week.

I like the funny parts: Great analysis on the connections of the afterword to the themes presented throughout the entire series. You see ever since from the hot spring episode episde kind of behavior of Oreki is clearly shown to be a desire of lust so to speak.

Episode sixteen opens with Satoshi prepping himself for his great mystery adventure. I’m hoping for more romantic flourishes to occur between them as the end approaches, considering those instances have been consistently present throughout, despite being rather light in nature. Baka-tsuki is behind on their translations.

Art is the product of individual creators, creators who burn themselves into their work and deserve to be recognized. Indeed many think this series might portray the festival best among other animes. But when Oreki gets a moment alone with Satoshi, the show returns to total seriousness. Wpisode had me laughing and nearly jumping out of my chair when I saw Oreki’s sister give him the hyouak Its nice and hopefully something comes of it!

Hyouka Episode 16 Discussion – Forums –

I episodde surprised that no one in the club notice her issues, but I guess everyone is quite busy with the own problems, beside Oreki. Oreki-sis is very powerful. It’s episode 16 and Oreki’s development hasn’t been nearly as impressive as I’d have expected really.


On the other hand repetitive elements are not that oblivious only things are slowed down a little.

Those eyes from Chitanda. At least you weren’t bored amirite? It seems like the whole Classics club seems stagnant while Oreki is the only one who has changed, even if by a little bit. Over at the current events club, where the next Juumaji theft is theoretically scheduled, the floor is lousy with self-confident schemers episodf bored sleuths.

His friend felt lost to this incident searching. I hope Eru can overcome her social awkwardness. He wonders about why the stealing skipped “Ku” and more. The illustrator of the manga and the illustration of a poster are the same, who is Student Council president.

animecrzay I hope you haters didn’t watch too much harem and no longer able to enjoy good male rivalry in anime. Satoshi really wanted to solve this mystery but Oreki seems two steps ahead in his deductions.

Why isn’t he acting normally? What is he expecting from Houtarou? Satoshi is clearly jealous of Oreki’s ability to solve mysteries from seemingly outta nowhere.