And I render with AR2, so its convenient. Posted August 22, Anywhere, but not on you cube, or you will select more points etc. Pick any point s edges or polygons on the cube. The new SplinePatch plug-in is offereing some very interesting modeling options. You need to select points or edges and then choose Hypernurbs weight from the structure menu. HN smoothing really only works for objects with relatively low poly counts. Thanks a lot and sorry about my beginner questions.

If you wish to continue the discussion, please create a new thread in the appropriate forum. Thanks a lot, ok for point 1, what about 2? Which makes perfect sense. Which are quads, which I prefer. I must click right on selection tool? You’ve spent a lot on R13 so a few bucks on tutorials would be money well spent.

Posted August 29, Please use the attachment system. And if I need to do it again, I do. You have to seight what to weight. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

On the Live Selection tool’s settings on the “HyperNurbs” tab. I always need to make a very high poly model for adding displacement maps textures. There is however another mayby better method. You’ve got a lot of spelling mistakes. The HN object is doing that for you. Thanks a lot and sorry about my beginner questions. So all my weght with scale, move, rotate, etc is instantly visible.

The Benefits of Using HyperNurb Weight Tags in Cinema 4D When Modeling

Most of my models areto 4 mil polys. Keep it pressed while dragging the Mousepointer in the viewport. So all you would have to do it apply the displacment map in C4D and then convert that into the high rez model and export that. Think you meant “Crazy”. Working within C4D, I hope to have more control hyoernurbs the mesh that is being textured.


If i select all and cinma extrude them cjnema get extruded just the edges, can you explain to me please what i have to do in order to give it thickness? How do I prevent this? HN is a very cool feature of Cinema, but hoping it would smooth a high poly model does not appear to be what its about. Which are quads, which I prefer.

Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Sign In Sign Up. The new SplinePatch plug-in is offereing some very interesting modeling options. Interactively by holding down the “Period” key and dragging your mouse to the right.

I really apreciate your work!!!!! One more question, look please at the scene that i attach, a simple arc spline child of an extrude nurbs, how can i give thickness to all polygons?

CGTalk | Adjusting HyperNurbs weight on perametric objects?

I must click right on selection tool? Enough play for one day. Posted August 23, If i select all and i extrude them i get extruded just the edges.

Just apply the displacment map to the model then you can increase the HN setting in the OM. Whenever I subdivide my HN object, it always goes back to the original shape. Posted August 30, Anyway thanks a lot cause i watch your tutorials, some hypernurs them, learning a lot and find many answers generally speaking that i was looking for and answers about weight hypernurbs too, thanks a lot!!!!!!

Do you have some suggestion about tutorials that you referred too? Posted August 22, It always was in tool palet but on my new R13 i can not find it. I don’t allow inline images i.


Which makes perfect sense. Hypernurhs Jenna, the texture is baked for those purposes. Then when I export as an STL, its all there. Look at the photo below please.

Sorry about my beginner question, first time with cinema 4d, thanks a lot!!!! That changes my models from something under 50, polys to something many times that. This thread has been automatically closed as it remained inactive for 12 months. And first I need to find my 10X magnifying glasses. The denser the original mesh, the less smoothing you will see.

And I render with AR2, so its convenient. And a lot of control of the mesh. Note that it will set the subdivions as is set in the SubdivisonRenderer object properties of the HN. Better still, zip the scene file and attach using the cafe’s attachment system. Could I suggest that you load an English spell check dictionary.

Not as much fun as designing with Rhino or Cinema, but it feeds the cats. Thanks a lot, ok for point 1, what about 2? These kind of bumpy line, sorry i dont know how to call them tecnically speaking, show up as weight hypernurbs result, before apply it no lines.