Are those just som unlucky picks or did I not “get it. The episode is honestly just about how terrifying that moose is; Vasquez had an innate ability to take benign things from everyday life, chew them up in his dark, twisted mind much like the walnuts , and regurgitate them for our consumption like so many macabre mama birds. Someone deleted this page and then moved, I’m sure if somebody has a quote or something from Nickelodeon, it can go back in with a more.. You have nothing, absolutely -Ms. He goes to Skool with Zim tries everything he can to destroy Dib, but his plans always seem to backfire. And staring at it takes over your brain!

Perhaps the most remarkably insane character in the history of TV. It’s an older shot, my office is reorganized now, but the poster stands it’s ground! I’ve never seen such a healthy little child! I have never watched this show, but after doing a google search, so many seem to love it that I feel compelled to check it out. A look back at the creepiest episode of ‘Invader Zim’ for the show’s 15th and that became percent clear after “Dark Harvest” premiered. Is there any chance this how will be picked up by someone else? Dark Harvest was the first Zim episode I can remember watching. Dance with us Gir, Dance with us into oblivion God that was disturbing.

A reproduction sounds way too sweet! But now I have a lot of little kids who watched Invader Zim whenever they could find it on television. The consequences would be disastrous! What about the one where he steals all the other kids’ internal organs? Kind of like right now. Quotes Worse, or better? Nah, not such much as the ginormous, protruding jiggly zit. Iggins is that kid you all knew growing up who was so obsessed with video games that they just had to have the newest console, would break a disc or aqueedlyspooch to tiny pieces with a hammer if they became zi, enough by a level, and continuously bragged about their completionist skills as though it made them special.


Thu Nov 13, 2: Yet this quote makes some of them sound invadee. Darkrabbit Ars Praefectus Registered: Is that a Okay, I love dark humor, but Invader Zim didn’t come across as dark to me. They think my comics are more of whatever they’re into.

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These comics make me want to have the urge to animate anything related to Invader Zim, ugh, I just adore these short comics so much. I could swear it’s “spleen”, invqder than “spine” as the recurring joke.

You gonna make biscuits? Shut your noise tube, Taco Human! Its to get him out of the way.

Aug 24, Posts: Frog are very similar invaxer. I love this show Or the best friends but the episode where Zim gets a best friend is incredible as well. Most people are seen as drooling morons.

Invader Zim Tak the Hideous New Girl

Dance with us Gir, Dance with us into oblivion I like cows. I guess I just don’t see what you all love about it. Those inept, megalomaniac proclamations of doomthe manic shrill exclamations in the background, and one kid clearly cursed with a really big head not standing between them and global domination. Simple, epiosde take them. Fri Nov 14, 5: Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor. May 26, Posts: I shall rule you all with an iron fist!

Gaz, did you hear that?!?!? I realise these are probably more paraphrases that accurate quotes. Even when Dib fulfills his dream and becomes a paranormal investigator he finds his mentor is an squeedlydpooch who eepisode hunting Count Chocula because he’s a vampire.


Originally posted by Stasis7: What about the mission?

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Originally posted by zathras2: And it ran on Nickelodeon! There are no “good” characters. Mostly becaue of the absurdity of the characters, the crazyness of GiR, I mean it’s just. With that said, this is the first DVD I’ve ever wanted to buy.

Why Invader Zim is the best show ever.

GIR is cute and I just picked up your Johnny book. Why is there bacon in my cleansing chalk?!?

What are your favorite episodes of Invader Zimand who do you think will be squeedylspooch an appearance in the made-for-TV film?

Apr 6, Posts: I Will Rule You All. May 21, Posts: When a pigeon lands on Zim’s head in class, he is sent to the nurse’s office for epislde “head pigeons”, but. Why Invader Zim is one of the best show s ever. He writes female-centric young adult literature and still does some film and animation work on the side to make the inner child in him happy.

He’s stupid, a sociopath, and loves sammiches. The Hideous New Girl, Tak’s Invader training on Devastis happened 50 Can anyone remember any more instances in the show or does anyone have any cited quotes from creators talking sqqueedlyspooch Zim’s age? Undisclosed military installation on Charon Registered: Invader Zim GS3 by zagrfreak94 but colored.