Shlok breaks his relationship. Astha takes Anjali out. Shlok finds out the tender amount. Astha and Shlok dance. Shlok asks Astha a favour. Varad spikes Niranjan’s juice. The truth gets out.

Niranjan reveals his plans. Niranjan sets study room on fire. Shlok asks Astha to obey Niranjan. Shlok gets beaten up! Astha and Shlok go horse riding. Manasi is not pregnant. Astha impresses the clients.

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Astha and Shlok, glued together. Niranjan returns with Anjali. Jyoti and Siddharth get married. Sulabha conspires against Jyoti.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon – Ek Baar Phir 20th February 2015 HD Full Episode

Niranjan apologises via the media. Jyoti professes her love. Baba steals from Renuka’s house.

Indrajit’s proposal irks Shlok. Avadhoot tries to pacify Kalindi. Shlok gets Astha’s address. Astha injures Shlok by mistake. Niranjan praises Anjali’s efforts.

Astha embraces Shlok

Kalindi casts Ankush out. Pawar senda a DVD to Shlok. Barkha wants to meet her parents. Jyoti decides to leave the house.


Astha confesses her love. Astha plays a prank on Shlok. Mala ruins the property papers. Barkha feels safe with Shlok. Varad locks Niranjan in his room. The truth gets out. A new guarantor for Niranjan.

Varad apologises to Mr. Varad not ready for a child. Astha stays away from Shlok. Shlok-Astha meet in a temple!

Niranjan reveals his plans. Anjali performs Holika puja. Shlok is upset with Anjali. Shlok asks Astha a favour.

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Jyoti complains about Abhay. Anjali asks Astha to cook. Kalindi prays for Astha. Astha learns the truth. Niranjan sets study room on fire. Office Building catches fire.

Shlok and Astha relocate. Astha argues with Shlok. Astha smells Indrajeet’s plan.

Shlok is in for a shock. Astha impresses the clients. Shantanu apologises to Balwankar.