HxH maybe longer, but so so so worth it. Tatsuya has so much depth. Damn, the anime starts off with a bang right away. The first four make up the anime. It moves quickly and remains consistently good throughout. I’m more into mecha so anything close to Code Geass, Heroic Age or something with a good story and good characters, I’ll wait

It was rated pretty good. So much awesomeness, emotion, and comedy packed into one. Also check the glassic Gundam Wings. All good, Keiko is really cool. Have you gotten to the flashback scene with the cookies? And yeah, pick up Magi again for sure. Just started on Psycho-Pass becuz of all the talk.

HxH, JoJo and Magi may require you to watch at the very least episodes before they will get you hooked. Its far worse than when iamtwink posted those guy on guy images.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari Episode 8 English Subbed at gogoanime

Yeah I’ve had most of the story spoiled already but it doesn’t really matter, you watch this show for the funny character interactions Then you would be the Unicorn King, and children would sing songs of your adventures for generations to come. In the mood for a violent yet funny in a dark way series, something in the vein of desert punk or Bastard!!. I think to hide her wrinkles rofl in for pics: Mune o sawaru na!

Magi episode is subbed. Worst of all is I can already predict who he ends up with the drama is kinda ruined. I also thought the manga of 5cm per sec was pretty good as well. I seiishi stop watching, damn it! Season 1 anyway if you’re into mecha.


How far are you, brah? For sure, honestly could feel the rage flowing through my veins watching that scene. D Reverse psychology, brah.

They were fairly good. Just saw kobatos teddies in episode 3 of boku wa tomodocahi. Hate seeing phaggots torture defenseless animals. Depends how much a few months are to you.

Watch Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari Episode 8 English Subbedat Gogoanime

It’s not eva done right, it is a good anime though. He’s already ranked 4th on my all time fave character list and I’m only on episode Aniemultima so, i was bored by that part too but stick til the ending and the way the show ends is fackin amazing cuzzz.

HxH maybe longer, but episodf so so worth it. Animeulltima, around ep 7 or 8 I was about to drop it myself again I initially dropped it after ep 1but it gets much better. I think that unicorns are alpha. You’re on episode 14 of a episode series, the character development is gonna be slow. Don’t worry, you’ll eventually behind to find his attitude endearing?

Imo, I would say another season. D now dis i can fap to Nah, don’t think so. It’s simply self-published works.

Definiately some sad moments right in the beginning, but it’s just going to get real from there. It’s like one second she’s taking snacks to them and then next thing you know she’s blowing three guys. EDIT just 7 subs are out, dammit. On ep 43 right now. I’m going to download it now.


Watch Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari Episode 8 English Subbed at Anime Series

And one about two pilots based in some planet not earth, dont rememeber the name Aanimeultima Roh, Summer Wars, Mononoke Hime Fuking awesomeColorful Sick movie, makes you think about life itself. Yeah man, Claymore is a sick show, glad you enjoyed it. Sinbad is a cheeky kunt mate, I swear lol brb just getting cursed to motivate you guys more.

Dropped Claymore at episode 10 I think. I think to hide her wrinkles iseksi I too will need to see these by the way.

Yes, a lot of it is hentai but not exclusively so. Notsureifsrs is right, 40 eps in and not enjoying it? I was hoping and praying that jojo and seikisi lisa would run in and save the day: My jimmies were so phucking rustled.