The case on Isobrite Eclipse is exactly the same as the Isobrite Afterburner, and is constructed out of lightweight carbon fiber reinforced polycarbonate. What if there is any manufacturing defect? The T Tritium illumination is what makes this watch different from the rest. I really like the Isobrite line of watches because they are the few watch companies that use T tritium, which I will talk about later. The strap on the Isobrite Eclipse is the same as the Afterburner and is very comfortable to wear. The price is on the higher side but with the features provided by ArmourLite, it is a good investment if you like watches and add them to your fashion statement or you are a professional diver. Please enter your comment!

Why can’t they make a watch with a classic 3 o’clock date position, better yet with date AND day. Lining up the Diefendorff Cornelius February 20, This saves time, energy and money by not worrying about its service or by changing the battery every other year. However, the ultra-light case and silicon strap make it a comfortable wear. You can check them out at armourlite. A good dive watch is defined by design of its battery design. Mind-boggling fact about the watch worn by Rafael Nadal at the French Open. Do you think the build quality and durability of both are equivalent?

Luminox, Traser, and Tawatec. Mind-boggling fact about the watch worn by Rafael Nadal at the French Open.

Hands on with the Isobrite Master Diver

It does tend to be a little bit of a lint magnet but wipes off easily. The watch is comes in a nice black faux-carbon revuew with red stitching very chick with both a silicone-rubber strap and a high quality NATO strap.

You have entered an incorrect email address! The hour, minute, and second hand each have a tritium vial. You just need to judge all the positives and negatives and take the final decision.


Ideally, I’d love to see a watch with both T and Superluminova but from what I hear that would be expensive.

Still, the ultra-light case material also makes the watch feel smaller than the dimensions first suggest even though the face is quite large. Please enter your comment! Lining up the Diefendorff Cornelius February 20, Deep Blue has a T watch and after seeing difference can see what the big deal is about. You still need a good amount of light so see them, but when the light dims who cares about the numbers? August 2nd, 3. This is a big deal for isobrits. Leave this field empty. In my opinion that is unwanted.

In a number izobrite reviews, you may want to take note that a small number of users do complain about the condensation that accumulates the watch face even before the meters limit is reached. They tend to use poly cases, mineral crystals and basic tritium illumination. August 3rd, 8.

If you love black, you will love the Isobrite Eclipse. Even if you wear it every day, the glass will look new as ever. Protecting the dial is a scratch-resistant anti-reflective treated sapphire crystal. However, the ultra-light case and silicon strap make isorbite a comfortable wear.

Hands on with Isobrite Eclipse ISO201 T100 Tritium

There are some subtle differences between them that you need to know about. August 3rd, 9. The tritium T tubes provide all the light you will ever need to see the time in the darkest of places. A 2-year warranty isn’t worth much if the company won’t honor wxtch or it costs you more in time and hassle than a new watch.

Hands on with the Isobrite Master Diver | Wrist Watch Review

The silicon strap is soft and will not make your wrist feel itchy when your hand is in contact with water or sweat. What if there is any manufacturing defect?


Even though the watch is large, the light weight make it an easy wear. Luminox, Traser seem to use the push-down crown now. The polycarbonate framework and the sapphire crystal anti-reflective and scratch resistance build put the watch way ahead of its peers. The straps are quite large and designed fit on the wrist directly or over a diving suit.

A good dive watch isobritr defined by design of its battery design. Results 1 to 10 of This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Discovering a watch that works only up to 30 meters while it promises up to meters is still a disappointment. Unlike the Rveiew Afterburner, the vials on this watch do not have rectangular covers.

Thus, the large yet slender dial with a chick looking strap that looks not only good but also fits comfortable over a diving suit is designed to impress you the first time you see it.

Users can dive up to meters, and the watch will be protected by the two-year warranty. It was a “catch and release” for me because I constantly had problems with the non-traditional screw-in lug bars In the case of any defects, you can easily claim for a replacement.