Mikku…mikku…again Sikha beats that boy. It’s another case of hit and miss, where Khushi bumps into someone – but it isn’t Arnav. She hides under the bed. The magic of Baru and Sanaya was out of the world. Chandini was super cuteeeee while hiding under the bed……………….. Rangrasiya Episode – , June 30th, Rangrasiya Episode – , May 30th, Scene 1 rudra senses some tension and ask paro are you fine, she says I will make breakfast

Random guy walks into a house and gives milk to the dad. Riana 18th Jul – 1: I loved their scenes.. And recreating the iconic scenes with Shivani dosent help either. Chandni comes there and keeps the glass away. Nivay is finally gripping in with chemistry.

Jab dekho haat pakar kar khech ta rekhta hai… Or darane ke bahane dekhta rehta hai…. The episode was just wow!! Maithili says no, he was covering his face Veer asks his phaar friends to get haldi milk and bandages for that guy. Shikha is amaxing…n mikku is cute…love that scene…?? I am in PG second year.

For you I will fight the world, and I will go to any length for you. Trust me its awesome.

Pandit says maybe you are right, we heard the same form old Mahant. If this is the casemakers should hit her head every now and then. She tries to get it off.


Nivay is finally gripping in with chemistry. Sui and Talwar …nailed it. July 18, at 7: Then fasao chandni ji. Loool…pinku i swear i never soo creatively commented before how much i comment here!

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Today chandni got her ist intuition about dev when she taps her head on bed. Shikha beats the guy. Fenil 18th Jul – pywar Yash asks what is his work.

Yaa episode was classic!!!


Advay rocks and Chandni is cute with her attitude! So that I can call you as di and bhayya. They can do that in twitter or instagram. Rangrasiya Episode -June 23rd, Miku has an appreaciative voice.

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Hi riana u forgot to mention my name…. She says he is coming to stay here. Gayathry 17th Jul – 9: Nazneen Syed 18th Jul – 3: Tea bag sticks to her hand.

But noooooo…yaar In last episode Her expression her attitude…her smartness, That courage on her face to face AdvaY was just bang on…. This is the spirit I and Sundanda were expecting from fandom just like you in a positive way. But you need to stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself who you epispde. In the cafeteria, the nsam are trying to get Arnav’s girlfriend to drink some coffee She takes the resignation letter out of her bag, and resolutely walks further into the building, not allowing any feelings she might have to stop her from what she set out to do.


You can call me any thing you like to. That awesome wali handsome lovely look is for propose naaam … I guess. I’m from Lucknow, which is why I haven’t left in hiding; in fact I’m here to let you know that this job isn’t to my liking. She’s fasting, but no reason is given why.