Shashi on the other hand, is suspicious about Shyam and enquires about his whereabouts when he comes home. Nani threatens to break all ties with the Raizada family and forces Manorama to accept Payal as her daughter-in-law. Later, Arnav tries to humiliate Khushi by gifting her favourite necklace to Lavanya. Meanwhile, Lavanya fails to impress Nani again. Payal is anxious when Khushi remains unconscious for long. Will Shyam mend his ways? Later, Shyam hints Madhumati for Khushi and his marriage. Will she manage to expose him?

Later, Khushi tampers with Arnav’s car and he is forced to arrange the meeting at home. Arnav and Khushi fight for the couch, but end up sharing it. Later, she receives Diwali gifts from Anjali. Manorama and Anjali catch Akash holding a dupatta. Garima and Khushi have an emotional connect. Nani is keen on getting Arnav married and brings him a marriage proposal. Manorama asks Lavanya to take Laxmi for a walk.

Anjali waits patiently for her husband to turn up so that she can break her fast as well. Shyam arrivest the temple and helps his wife, Anjali, break her fast.

Shyam plans to steals Arnav’s locker key on the pretext of serving him, but Khushi is furious to see him. Meanwhile, Pyaaar purchases the duplicate key, but Akash’s father sees him doing so. Why is Arnav hostile towards Khushi?


Ipkknd Episode – 24th November – Drama Serials Full Episodes

She dreams of taking revenge. Khushi vows to defeat the Raizadas at the Sangeet. She is surprised at the Western clothes everybody is wearing there. Shyam tells her that Anjali is ill-treating him. Meanwhile, Payal’s wedding is stopped.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon – Episode (lastd Episoe) в

Nani asks Lavanya to leave Arnav’s room. Manorama accuses Payal of attempting to murder her. Khushi tells Anjali that she dislikes the bangles, to make him admit he bought them. She asks Arnav to stay back for the pooja, but he refuses.

Anjali places an order for saris to Khushi. Shyam tries to hide away from the Raizada family. Khushi tumbles into his arms, while walking the ramp.

Meanwhile, Anjali feels dizzy and wants Khushi to go with Shyam to get medicines. However, he manages to take the imprint of the key. Arnav becomes grim again when the alcohol wears off.

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Meanwhile, Shyam misbehaves with Khushi when they are out buying medicines. Later, Khushi feels humiliated when Arnav tears her dupatta. Disheartened, she breaks down in front of Arnav.

Arnav asks Khushi to apologise if she wants her ring back.


Shyam hides a poisonous scorpion in a sweet box in a move to kill Anjali. Arnav and Khushi stop at a dhaba.

He refuses to admit that he bought the pair. Khushi is touched when Buaji gives her jalebis for the journey, but an idea strikes her and she convinces them about it.

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

Khushi tells Madhumati about meeting Arnav at the temple. Later, Shashi shares his apprehensions about Shyam with Garima. Payal’s wedding preparations are under way. Later, while dropping Khushi, he brings up the topic of the anklet. While Arnav sends the cops away, Nani apologises to Madhumati.

But just as Arnav prepares to do stra, Anjali faints. Lavanya, who is invited by Anjali, turns up at the temple, looking very traditional.