Still, not the most fun I’ve had on a Tuesday. Agree with jae about the theme. Not being a big movie fan, can’t say I was excited about the theme. One drawback of xwording is that one knows, or can guess, a lot of junky fill. At least nodding familiarity with all of the movies, though I had only seen three of them. Bob K – another of my favorite movies – never noticed the missing “? I wonder if if printed “irisin” on paper and showed it to random people how many would know what it means and how to pronounce it?

It’s beginning to annoy the hell out of me. In a nutshell, the higher the ratio, the higher this week’s median solve time is relative to the average for the corresponding day of the week. Medium-Challenging just over 4: Like dirigonzo, loved the Studebaker Avanti, and the Silver Hawk. Thus, DNF a Tuesday One drawback of xwording is that one knows, or can guess, a lot of junky fill. Susan McC – lol!

Medium-Challenging just over 4: I have been in construction most of my adult life and I have never heard the term.

Crossword Solver

If Will has such a hard time getting early week puzzles, how about paying the constructors a premium for them? Susan McC – lol! To nitpick just a bit, “Bupkes” as I have always heard it used, doesn’t really mean “nil. I too thought this was moderately challenging, but primarily because I didn’t know what Bubkes meant.

Didn’t know the film and had to pause to recall the effect. At first was like “ho-hum – movies”, but then I was like “oh – they all have! Medium-tough for me also. I learned some of the crosswordese in the grid today by ROTE. Glad I knew those movies, because it was too early in the morning to remember that they all ended with a! I sailed right through this one after having an awful time and an error yesterday.


Spacecraft, I’ve not heard of it either. Okay, I may not even look at Friday’s or Saturday’s puzzle, if Tuesday is gonna be like this! Satisfied with the rating. Carson in “Downton Abbey. However, that’s also an advantage, especially if, like Rex, one is obsessively fixated on time. REDS is a movie, but no! Click this “PayPal” icon to contribute: Still, not the most fun I’ve had on a Tuesday. I damn near DNF because of that natick. On the way home after his first day my brother not a card player asked my dad why everyone was talking about some guy named Schneider.

It follows the answer to each starred clue — theme answers are all films that end with said mark Theme answers: Anyway, Murnau was making “Nosferatu” and kep saying, “Iris in” and we’d see the visible area shrink, as if we were looking through the camera. I had heard of all the movies, above was easy because I nailed all the down clues.

I believe the criticisms will help young David refine his art, and that many solvers will come to feel about him as I already do. However regarding the fill: But just now it’s back.

Just because Google provides hits, I don’t think the constructor should get a free pass from Will to include any number of obscurities and crosswordese. Newer Post Older Post Home. So, another almost day, with a lot of friendly blog talk here to liven it up a bit!

Never heard of SKAT, so the reveal took too long, and even once I had it, it didn’t help me get the movies I’d never heard of.

Too many movies I didn’t know how to spell. Containing ROTE somehow self-fulfilling in its crosswordese. BTW, check at crosswor. Funny coincidence that last night I posted on Facebook this video from the spy parody “Top Secret! Cant tell you how many times I’ve seen it. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the grid seems to be suboptimally constructed.


Jack Lemmon comedy of 3 wds. – crossword puzzle clue

Anon – Maybe he meant Surely U. I saw this one as a cluster of “v’s” and “z’s” and thought it was kind of fun. Seems like good crossword-ese. Fascinating how someone found Monday easy and this one difficult – in puzzles crosswlrd in art and foodone man’s meat I have not seen my bride clued in a puzzle in the last jsck years, since I got serious about Xwords.

That’s crosdword gimme his only known follow-up other than Airplane! I solved this pretty quickly, but I agree that some of the words were hard. As the lamb said, “BAA. Most are bolted to the floor, anyway. And while only very old people knew how to play SKAT, we all played its derivative, sheephead.

Or send your contribution via snail mail: Just last night I did his January Fireball Puzzle which had clever cluing and sparkle. Further, the grid is just choked with crosswordese: Only a Philistine would make such a negative statement abut this piece of art. Are you sure the theme isn’t “movies you thought were stage shows”?

Quinn, David Weissman are all brillant. Took about my average Tuesday time, maybe a half minute longer. I thought bubkes was Yiddish for “pals”.