Karshen Instagram wallafa daga realsanidanja. Kannywood star Sani Danja prepares for his the first press conference of his organization: The effect of these actions was to relocate the centre of the Hausa film industry away from the flourishing Kano market, to Kaduna. He said, other achievements recorded by Iyan-Tama Multimedia include; the publication of the, now rested, entertainment magazine, Tauraruwa, production of several meaningful films that appeal to all categories of viewers, the first company to stop using songs in Hausa movies despite the obvious appeal. Today, though, I did want to quickly post a link to a film that is worth watching, Duniya Juyi Juyi. In the evening before the film was shown, a bus arrived from Albasu with several malams and dozens of their students. Although there were some fears from parents about the boys appearing in films, the malams were fully supportive of the project, not as a way for the boys to make money the film was distributed for free rather than sold , but for them to tell their own stories.

Felix Ebony, director of photography with King Zuby International. At least none that I was given. This cute-bearded actor respects his mother a lot; a woman he claimed has the greatest influence in his life, after he lost his father in his early teenage years. The treatment of filmmakers had the perhaps unintentional effect of politicizing the artists and those close to them. To read on the Leadership website, click here:. Is it even possible to think about what the internet would be like without sites like this? The most recent film of hers that sticks out in my mind is Sai Na Dawo.

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Abdulkareem Mohammad, the pioneering president of MOPPAN from tonarrated how in Decemberthe Kano State Government pronounced a prohibition on the sale, production and exhibition of films in Kano state because of the introduction jalilaa sharia.


Sani Danja told me he had never been interested in politics until he saw the need to challenge what was going on in Kano State.

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Here is my column for the week, in tribute to Maryam Umar Aliyu. I felt I had acted terribly. We are happy that he has returned. Though he threatens Aminu with a beating should he run away, he is a reasonable and kind man who puts up patiently with the many young boys in his care.

An yi jana’izar fitacciyar jarumar Kannywood Hauwa Maina – BBC News Hausa

Me, grinning like idiot. This cute-bearded actor respects his mother a lot; a woman he claimed has the greatest influence in his life, after he lost his father in his early teenage years.

This public support for PDP among some of the most visible film practitioners had put Kano based filmmakers in danger the week before. I was so shocked. Baffancy shows off his Kwankwaso support, Zoo Road, April Image caption Hauwa Maina ta rasu bayan ta sha fama da jinya.

An yi jana’izar fitacciyar jarumar Kannywood Hauwa Maina

A new executive secretary Abubakar Rabo Abdulkarim his position soon. The almajirai crew with Kannywood’s Nasir B.

Hannah, who interacted with many almajirai and their teachers, has a different perspective. PIPA will also be just as damaging. Little boys in the village draw water from a well under the eyes of politicians in the early part of the film. The film provides a unique look at the life of an almajiri through the eyes of the almajirai.

While this film is groundbreaking in the presentation of the stories of almajirai as told by themselves, there are still voices that are not completely heard in this story. The Dandalin Finafinan Hausa on Facebook has banned discussion of politics on its wall, requesting members to focus on discussions of film.

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And finally two directors of photography Umar Gotip and Felix Ebony pointed to the need for peace and unity rilm the state. At the beginning the almajiri system jalilaa explained in the voice of one of the boys as we see the streets of Kano from their perspective. Tsallake Instagram wallafa daga realsanidanja. I mention him over 40 different times in my PhD thesis, and do an extended analysis of his film Kotun Ibroa sly dig at the mobile court which persecuted so many filmmakers during the censorship crisis.


I attended the premier of the film on Thursday, 27 October, held at the Goethe Institut in Kano, the sponsor of the film. Allah ya ba mu hakuri. They reached a consensus, they understood the problems that they wanted us to fix and the plan they wanted us to follow. The villagers know about the world, yet the world does not know about them. It always surprises me how little you find online about Kannywood stars, whose faces, blazoned on stickers, are plastered on thousands of buses, motorcycles, and taxis all over Northern Nigeria, Niger, and surrounding countries.

Mustapha decided to give acting a trial, and that brought about his debut appearance in Hawainiya. The proposed SOPA bill would allow copyright holders and the Department of Justice to file a court order against websites that enable or facilitate copyright infringement. More will hahsa soon.

I felt like if produced differently it could have, perhaps, been funnier. As male-centred as the almajiri system is, almost all of the women in the film were shown in a negative light.