King was one of four main roles played by British actors the others roles being those of King’s wife, President Johnson, and Alabama Governor Wallace. James Reeb is portrayed in Selma wearing a bow tie. Glen Ford, editor of Black Agenda Report, criticized the film as a product of the “conservative Black political worldview” of producer and star Oprah Winfrey, writing that it “insults Black SNCC civil rights heroes” but protects “the white, rich Kennedys”. Retrieved December 28, Retrieved October 2, Sixty people were injured, some with broken bones and head wounds. Organizers had intended to walk all the way to Montgomery, the state capitol 50 miles away. This killing became another focus of the planned Selma-to-Montgomery march.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library. Prisoner uncredited Shakesha Williams Reeb is portrayed by Jeremy Strong in the film Selma. Today, Reeb’s widow and some of his children and a granddaughter still live in Casper. The next day, the name of James Reeb was on the front page of every newspaper and at the top of every newscast. Viola Lee Jackson Stan Houston

King speaks to ask people to continue to fight for their rights. I’m not a historian. Girl 4 Nadej K. Courthouse Marcher uncredited Mark Wellander Lee White Haviland Stillwell Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Johnson to urge Congress to enact legislation to guarantee voting rights to all Americans without further delay. On the day after the attack on Reeb, hundreds of marchers were stopped by police in Selma as they moved toward the county courthouse. Marcher uncredited Samuel Lee Fudge The Voting Rights Act passed in August Of the 15, blacks old enough to vote in Selma, only were registered, and more than 80 percent lived in poverty.


Retrieved January 21, Retrieved October 1, Pic ‘Selma’ For Christmas “. Reeb called his wife to tell her he would not be home that night. Capitol Chamber uncredited Carlos V.

They preferred an integrated restaurant and were directed to Walker’s Cafe around the corner.

James Reeb of Casper, Martyr to Civil Rights |

According to Young, the two were always mutually respectful, and King respected Johnson’s political problems. King calls singer Mahalia Jackson to inspire him with a song.

Views Read Edit View history. All 13 black potential jurors were struck from the panel, but one of the jurors allowed to serve was the brother of a key defense witness. Unlike most biopics about heroic men who shaped our history or helped bring about change such as ‘s Mandela: While participating in the Selma to Montgomery marches actions in Selma, Alabamainhe was murdered by white segregationistsdying of head injuries in the hospital two movei after being severely beaten.

With his wife and four children, he lived in poor black neighborhoods where he felt he could do the most good. Triage Doctor uncredited Victoria Blackmon Olaf College, a Lutheran institution in Minnesota. Belton White America, Inc.


Speeches, movements, and protests. Awards and nominations Filmography. Johnson and asks for federal legislation to allow black citizens to register to vote unencumbered, but the president responds that, although he understands Dr. That evening, Reeb is beaten to death by a white mob on a street in Selma. James Forman LaKeith Stanfield No efforts were made to restart it. Later that day, Reeb told his wife that he wanted to join the people going to Selma. A Camera 2nd Unit Joe Elrom At the other end they were met by Alabama state troopers and a sheriff’s posse, who knocked marchers to the ground, beat them with nightsticks mkvie fired tear gas.

Views Read Edit View history. Alabama Governor George Wallace speaks out against the movement. Surgery began within 30 minutes.

Alabama portal Biography portal Civil rights movement portal. Accessed January 23, at http: Just like the one he wore in real life.