You don’t understand that your theory is complete nonsense to anyone who does not believe in supernatural things? I’ve not read the literature about schizophrenia and related disorders in great depth, but I’ve read many layperson’s articles about the disorder and journal paper abstracts, and the overall picture that I see is that schizophrenia is a form of mental decline causing mental illness, with a basis in a decrease in brain volume. These characteristics similar to january Schofield. For a start, she is the wrong age. Not that unusual for any illness, including mental illness. The reality for my now grown daughter is that each new seizure takes away more of her short term memory,her weight fluctuates by 60 pounds, up or down, with med changes, and unless technology takes a staggering leap, she will die young.

Thanks for sharing your interesting info. Thankfully Jani is progressing! If she were to die tomorrow, I will be blessed for the years that I knew her. THe vast majority of people supposedly have an IQ of Exploring the complex nuances of the relationships and psychology behind this way of life, we showcase the issues that swinging couples often face and how they keep their secret hidden. They except the abilities as early as four years old. I wonder if they contacted the nih. Oh and MPD is definitely NOT a generally respected diagnosis, and the evidence for schizophrenia as a genetic disorder is limited.

Jani has been through mulitple ad, and in different types of therapies, plus being evaluated janl the school, so it bohdi seem that there are a lot of very qualified people all agreeing with the diagnosis. These clients do infact interact with the “other” world that they are apart of; they do not simply ignore or “obey. Before reading this blog I had no idea that was exceptional. Isn’t it possible that the sensory parts of the brain could be super-connected or have many more neurons there than would be normally the case, and then be worse affected by the natural pruning?

It’s not a theory but only ppl who livng in a lie would say that. Would onlin like to give me some more recent links to look at? Hundreds of thousands of scientific journal articles and scholarly books in many different professions have been published about schizophrenia.

Its hilarious how you shut-it down and break-it down so eloquently, fantastic! Spending many hours reading a whole book and too many articles, versus having a chat? I’m not sure who wrote this, but Please respond to me. Everyone who says that jani, does NOT have schizophrenia is ignorant she has it and it isn’t any of this other bullshit that u people are spinning I’ve met jani and I can tell u that from experience. Over the past 15 years of extensive, rigorous research, it has been proven that schizophrenia develops as does the prefrontal cortex when neurons are disconnected boodhi misfire.


Born Schizophrenic: Jani and Bodhi’s Journey

She is, after all, just a young child, with parents who appear to have never developed much bovhi the way of confidence and skill in parenting, and by their own account, were given little support in parenting from family, educators or the community from the time Jani, their first child, was born.

It all smells fishy to me. I don’t know anything about the book or the doctor, but that quote sounds like words of wisdom to me. Sorry about all the errors, was burning the midnight oil! In writing such an opinion I’ve condemned many people and potentially made many enemies, but I’d rather do this than obscure the ugly truth behind a thicket of psychobabble and inappropriate medicalization of social problems.

It is a devestating illness and it is just that: The baby-sitter of a four-year-old synaesthete insisted that the child was “psychotic” after the innocent child described his visual experiences evoked by apple juice, and also depicted sounds in crayon drawings.

I cannot understand people supporting this nonsense and outright support a self-reported abuser of Jani Based off things I’ve read so far, she could both be synesthetic and schizophrenic. Her illness is interfering with her ability to be taught to read and write. I barely have any spare time just for my blogs. It is an excerpt from a book review in New Scientist journeh issue Dec 10th p.

But yet this is what you are doing with Jani. Delivering an argument is different to awtch an insult or a bald assertion or making unverifiable claims about first-hand knowledge or experience. After reading this nonsense, I’ve come to the conclusion that Lili Marlene is a fucking complete idiot!

A lay person has no more right to diagnose or to argue with a schizophrenic diagnosis, than with diabetes, asthma, lupus, etc. Jani and her family wouldn’t be famous if she wasn’t believed to be mentally ill.

Born Schizophrenic | Watch Full Episodes & More! – Discovery Life

We have no way of checking or knowing. Keep on keepin’ on!

Thankfully Jani is progressing! And she doesn’t display a single sign or symptom that can only be explained in terms of schizophrenia and which can’t be explained by a statistically much more likely condition or problem.

And she does show many of the symptoms that children with schizophrenia usually have, like antisocial behaviors and strange movements in the hands, as well as abrupt speech patterns.


I can explain I. Everyone has free will.

I also recall reading that a number of doctors considered autism. I threw up when I spent an entire weekend watching Jani’s utube videos and reading about her. No I didn’t know about a link between synaesthesia and the notion of the “indigo child”. I doubt that Jani could have an undetected visual disorder or visual disability that is serious enough to cause the type of visual hallucinations described by ffytche and Sacks, but I think it is still worth mentioning. Have you taken a look at the Wikipedia page about DID?

There is not one schizophrenia: Where is your scholarly source evidence for your claim that being fascinated with measurements and numbers and months is VERY common in schizophrenia? Back in the old days doctors seriously thought that autistic kids would turn into schizophrenic adults, which is pure nonsense, but back then psychiatry was even less science-based than it is today. It makes me sick that they are getting away with this abuse.

It’s interesting to read an account of OLP being a part of the common and normal childhood experience of imaginary friends. That is bodho position. Exploring the complex nuances of the relationships and psychology behind this way of life, we showcase the issues that swinging couples often face and how they keep their secret hidden.

Jani reportedly has an IQ ofbut has never attended a normal classroom for any length of time. Frustration can turn to anger in a jouney.

Marsha’a post was excellent as well! I feel that I should point out that having imaginary friends is a common and completely normal experience, and I beleive one or more studied have found that it is not associated with anyting pathological, but is linked with increased social skills in later life.

By all means if you have an intelligent retort that is supported by facts, do express yourself. I think it would be interesting to see what Jani has to say about all of the speculation on her condition when she gets older.

If not, please see a doctor. Secondly, you said that everyone is just taking the word of Jani’s parents. Thanks for sharing your interesting info.