Check out his bandcamp! Next is INSTAGIB This round based gamemode is about arming everyone with the same unlimited guns that kill the other players in a single shot, and whoever has the most kills by round end gets a point on the scoreboard. I’ll keep some surprises for you all, but here’s this. We’re already hard at work designing a pretty steam page, but more importantly, we’re having an absolute blast coming up with all the steam achievements we’ll be using. We’ll probably do both and just recolor them separately. Message me on here if you have any questions, thanks! For those that don’t have access to the gold member forum on facepunch, where we all discuss the mods progress, I’ve put together a change log of everything that’s changed.

Chief among them is of course the player model itself:. Our move to the Alien Swarm engine was pretty ill-timed as shortly after getting it stable, Source SDK magically materialized out of nowhere. Posted by postal on Aug 21st, Starscre4M Aug 21 looking awesome. This one is more meant for SvT. Likewise, we can’t really do stuff like that private player model idea.

What do bcaon do for a liviā€¦. A lot of them are still in progress, so I’ll just take a look at the finished ones for now:. Keep up the good work! Well it’s already been a month since our last update, where all I really had to say was that we were gonna try and salvage the mod, so now it’s finally time for an update on how that all went. I’d seen other mods do stuff with donations and perks for donators, and knew we needed help covering hosting fees, equipment fees, and possibly hiring extra help.

Tags BetaElisodeRevealUpdate. Author Post time Subject Ascending Descending. The magic of source is beautiful. So yea, we’ve now got a LOT of mileage out of our player model selections to say the least. These are an amazing fix that really make this gamemode shine and prevent cheap pricks ruining an entire round for everyone.


I got our old roadmap fixed up, and with extensive help from UprightBlue set up a Discord for us to use join here: This was the end result. It’s all a huge pain, but make no mistake: To top it off, the invisible player was also streaming at the time and we were able to match his footage to the above to confirm he did indeed use the suicide feature at the exact time Jocosity crashed.

It’s looking pretty great:. That wraps up our gamemode progress, now on to More than peisode it won’t be until next year that the public beta is finalized and ready to go, but I’ll do my best to keep you up to date on our progress until then.

Posted by postal on Crasg 25th, At this point you’re probably thinking “pfft this game-mode will be easy, I’ll just camp on top of a box and they won’t crsh me. We’re already hard at work designing a pretty steam page, but more importantly, we’re having an absolute blast coming up with all the steam achievements we’ll be using.

I’m crashing at startup with a client. Mr Machine Gun will come later and will be made out of actual JB guns lol.

For more frequent updates, you can follow us on twitter, facebook, or our main development page on facepunch studios requires gold eplsode to view. To give a bit of quick background as to why we’re sticking with just one male voice actor across the entire game: We’re pleased to announce that after nearly a year, we’ve finally released the latest version of our private beta!

First off if eposode actually read all this, congrats.

Jaykin’ Bacon: Episode 3 – Media update #4!!!! news – Mod DB

How could it get any better? Wasn’t he also a Saxxy finalist at some point? We’ve also finally gotten models set up for our gravity and explosive tripmines as well. All done through HTML now. Rara picked it up again and has been toying with it lately.

That, and what started as me thinking “lets also reward donators by letting them join us for beta tests” instead basically became a system that could be construed as “pay to play”, made all the worse by how long development became due to issues such as us having to switch SDK branches not once, but twice during development, only to get stopped in our tracks again when yet kaykin SDK patch broke just about everything lol.


So yea, things are going pretty well lol. We’ll deal with it. This causes issues because if that player dies in a way that generates a ragdoll, the game absolutely implodes and crashes the player that sees this.

Jaykin’ Bacon: Episode 3 – Media update #4!!!! news

However, the zones were always totally static, and confined to being square shaped using manually place squares bavon can only be in right angles. So def give us a shout if you think you can help. We’ve never once been able to replicate it or even record it, but one of our players happened to catch it for the very first time ever: So last time I was here, I talked about how I’d gotten a hold of the JB3 Source Files baacon the previous programming team, and how we were now seeking new programmers to help.

And last but not least, for the 3rd or 4th time we’re attempting to get a new model for the attack Kleiner. It was a hell of a task KOTHing a map. Let’s take a look at the team listing:. Anyone else we could probably use, so join our discord and show us what you got or PM me on here if you prefer. The most notable difference with this gamemode is that the monkeys are the correct size now.

Episode 3 is a fanmade sourcemod as a sequel to Jaykin Bacon: