Discovery Press Web” Press release. The show contains a total of music videos with unique songs. Retrieved April 9, In addition, Kimber and Stormer begin a romantic relationship. The series was a joint collaboration by Hasbro , Sunbow Productions and Marvel Productions , the same team responsible for G. The complete series on 11 DVDs with bonus material. I would like to see that happen.

Retrieved August 7, Various home video releases containing between two and five episodes. Shana briefly leaves the group to pursue a career in fashion, at which point a new character, Carmen “Raya” Alonso, is introduced as her replacement. Super Sunday segments Jem. For other uses, see Jem disambiguation. The episodes are dubbed in French with the exception of the music videos. Jerrica adopts the persona of Jem with the help of a holographic computer, known as Synergy, which was built by Jerrica’s father to be “the ultimate audio-visual entertainment synthesizer” and is bequeathed to her after his death.

Other notable cast members included Charlie Adlerwho had already had a lengthy voice-over career, as the central villain Eric Raymond.

The Movie The Transformers: Jem was the 1 Nielsen rated syndicated cartoon series in November and in it was the third most watched children’s program in syndication with 2. Jem’s group, the Holograms, consists of Hologra,mes Benton, Jerrica’s younger sister, keyboardistand main songwriter for the band; Aja Leith, guitarist ; and Shana Elmsford, who plays the synth drums.

They are joined later by the manipulative British saxophonist Jetta Sheila Burns. Upon her return to the Holograms, Shana becomes the band’s bassist. Retrieved October 23, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Ellen Bernfeld, performing as Pizzazz, Britta Phillipsperforming as Jem, and Gordon Grody, performing as Riot, the lead singer of the Stingers, along with Diva Gray, Florence Warner and Angela Capelli were the voices of the pop, funk and punk electronica productions, supported by Britta Phillips’s father, pianist Peter Phillips, and by guitarist Steve Bill, bassist Tom Barney and set drummer and electronic drum programmer Tom Oldakowski. On June 27,Integrity Toys, Inc. After the success of G. E as an exclusive at the New York Comic-Con; this was created by “HasLab” as a potential multi-brand crossover platform.


He also provided the voices of both of Eric’s major henchmen Zipper and Techrat.

I don’t want to go into a lot of detail, but the whole rights situation for Jen is very, very complicated. It also aired on Teletoon Retro in Canada.

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The title’s current status within the new Hasbro Comic Book Universe consisting of several new or relaunched titles, using the IDW Transformers comics episod the backbone for a cohesive universe has been somewhat erratic; IDW writers have generally indicated that, while characters from Jem will not show up in crossovers including the Revolution mini-series that launched the universethey do exist and will receive occasional references.

The Stingers debut on the third season when they cause disruptions for both groups by becoming co-owners of Stinger Sound with Eric Raymond. But there are some very big complications that are in the way at the moment.

Retrieved March 22, Retrieved May 29, The series revolves around Jerrica Benton, the owner and manager of Starlight Music and, as Jem, lead singer of the rock group Jem and the Holograms. Discovery Press Web” Press release. Micronauts Mighty Muggs Mr.

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The same year, Jem began airing on The Hub in the United States, causing a significant increase in the ratings for the channel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As of Issue 16, which is Campbell’s final issue as regular artist, The Stingers have been introduced to the series, with Raya being featured as a fourth member of the band.


Jem and the Holograms: Retrieved August 25, Rio romantically pursues both women, not knowing they are one and the same. Anne Bryant, who chose the singers and musicians, created a pure young pop lees for Jem and the Holograms supported by acoustic instruments.

The plot depicted Synergy, now an alien artificial intelligence, assisting the descendant of Acroyear and a Biotron from Micronauts in searching for heroes to help him combat Baron Karza; she shows them characters from G. The Misfits are composed of petulant rich girl Pizzazz real name Phyllis Gabor and her cohorts: On October 5,the four then-upcoming dolls in the new Integrity Toys jek edition collectible line were presented with pictures: For the hologramems film, see Jem and the Holograms film.

The Los Angeles Times. The record was part of the promotion of the Jem film. The initial take from the audition was used as the first opening theme song, “Truly Outrageous”. The story editor was Roger Slifer and Christy Marx featuring industry veteran Wally Burr as the series’ voice director.

Factory release, though lacks the 11th bonus material disc. In addition, Kimber and Stormer begin a romantic relationship.

The series is about music company owner Jerrica Benton, her singer alter-ego Jem, her band the Holograms, and their adventures. The real names of Minx and Rapture are not disclosed in any of the installments.