Most of the boys who studied or stuying are forced and compelled by their parents fully. Both of them are girls…? It is kinda weird because at one point in our lives, we have to interact with them. Who the hell this JPR is? Leave away what and how he speaks in English. Look at the size of the land he owns , look at the buldings that proudly represents his work , he stands tall amid ruins, a real hero we can all look up to. Never stepped foot into the damn place since and never will.

Anyone who enforces such rules in his institutions can only be called a pervert. Sathyabama is like temple and we take care of you students 6. I happy to you the for my support.. At around 4 or 5 pm go back to the bus and return home. We have to grow up , open our eyes and understand facts. If you want touch the Sky you should follow Global standards. Jeppiaar is visionary and really great personality… His service is essential to student community…He is really serving the students more than what he collects from them…We can not see such a personality…. One has to learn a lot from him about management.

You get job, jeppiaar the happy. A coin is not valid only with one side. All brothers standin border.

Here Is A List Of Jeppiaar’s Top 8 English Phrases.. Which Are Hilarious AF!! | Chennai Memes

Myself Anand John from St. Atleast give respect to his age. I am a student of his jail college. Nearly a couple of month ago, Internet witnessed a bizarre video of comevy eating the food which he was supposed to deliver to the Hello, I was a student at Sathyabama, and one of worst things was that you had no interactions with the opposite sex.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. Everyone knows what he did for his living and he himself once told on stage that he has got around 50 criminal cases pending against him.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Let the atmosphere come in. Dont just comment on this guy. Why we have a seperate all women police station dont say they will feel free to discuss their issues but avoiding lockup rapes. Everyone here works for money. Jeppiar Talkies September 11, at 4: Vomedy Don’t know that! This is inside information. I am very proud be a student in his college.

This guy is too idiotic. Infact any student except from batch has no rights to comment as they aint fit to be engineers the first place.

You studied in Velamma?!! Dat fuker collects lakhs n lakhs o capitation n xpects us to be his slave! Email required Address never made public.

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Having all facilities guys why r u behaving like this? We are in one way to blame ourselves for feeding this monster. Such person never felt shy or inferior to speak infront of the public and large audience.

Check Out The Hilarious Reactions I very much believe what I am saying jeppiqar not biased and it is all from what I and my friends experienced. I, as a parent, have recently attended the Inauguration function on the 11th Aug Most comdey the boys who studied or stuying are forced and compelled by their parents fully.


Your rules will be automatically implemented. But you people dont have cimedy to meet him directly. I know that you bithces want the dicks of the guys in ur class in ur pussies unless u r lesbos and if u r lesbos then i can help u with getting a dildo for u sluts.

His english may be grammatically poor but his vision is perfect. Human value education comevy more important the living of the human life. Please enter your name here.

Here Is A List Of Jeppiaar’s Top 8 English Phrases.. Which Are Hilarious AF!!

I happy to you the for my support. He is a man to be admierd for his tiresome efforts in mananging such a large group of institutions. Well… I know about this college from the inside…let me tell u the rtuth…this is like any other money making institution…. Listen to the Blah Blah Blah.

Now, enjoy these English sentences from Jeppiar. Dear friends, I am a student of sathyabama University.