His friends agreed to help Masago, only to find out it wasn’t the date he was expecting. After she insults Ruby due to her anger, Kanon is arrested and sent to jail to do serious hard labor, while meeting with Shouko and Jill. During the date in Double Date Yay! Hinata and Peridot Yay!: Iruka decides to gather some info about him from his students until he finds out the shocking truth. Holy Light’s Prayer Yay!: Kanon In Ruby’s Body however is becoming more jealous on the Jewelpet flirting with him. How will he finish the film and the same time, admit his love to Garnet?

But when Dian thanked her for her help and hugged her, Garnet felt embarrassed and worse, she had no idea that he has feelings for her. Jewelina explained that the malfunction is due to the strange clouds filled with Dark Jewel Magic surrounding Jewel Land. The story starts when Labra and Angela were in the open road as they were going to some unknown place. However, the bizarre love chase between her and Tour continues until he confessed his feelings to Ruby, shocking Mikage a bit. A Love Letter brings a serious commotion to Ruby’s class and Kanon is seriously embarrassed by it. However, after Hinata accidentally tripped some of the laser sensors, they now got 5 Minutes to get that item before Iruka wakes up.

In the Sunshine Academy, Both the Plum Section and the Rose Section were instructed on making jfwelpet chocolates for their love ones. This was later learned that it was caused by Dark Jewel Magic affecting the Aurora and its consequences it will have in the entire land. Jewelpet Universe Jewel Pod.

After hearing the conversation inside the storage room, Ruby felt crushed on how Kanon is in love with Mikage.

Jewelpet Sunshine – EP 47 Eng Dub – Dailymotion Video

During that night, Ruby and her friends noticed about Sapphie’s fear of ghosts. Like the previous two series, the music is also composed by Shiro Hamaguchi. On top of that, Masago still need to admit dunshine feelings to Garnet while directing the whole film.

Will this be the end for Kanon’s studies in Jewel Land? Because of its popularity, it was bought fast by the students due to its taste and zunshine. Will the two reconcile with each other while getting Opal’s wings back? Ruby talked to Kanon about it last night about her future, with Kanon jokingly said she won’t pass. Later that night, Topaz received a note from Phantom M-Kage, saying he is going to steal her tiara.

Jewelpet Sunshine – EP 39 Eng Dub

The Jewelpets in the Plum section needs to take a Course Consultation Exam to decide their future or else they won’t advance to the next grade. The next sun, Garnet didn’t get accepted again in the auditions, but when she was about to go home, she helped Dian by fixing his attire while giving out her name to him.


The Sports Festival has finally kicked off in the Sunshine Academy as Iruka wanted the students to participate, somewhat not knowing about Jill’s plans. Later on during the auditions, Garnet does englisu best but the judges pick Diana instead. Hinata explained that her father is a fireman, in his job to put out fires and protect everyone’s lives. Ruby sees Kanon englizh up one night and asks her about it.

However, the bizarre love chase between her and Tour continues until he confessed his feelings to Ruby, shocking Mikage a bit.

Jewelpet Sunshine – EP 5 Eng Dub – Dailymotion Video

A masked man who resembles Mikage is being chased by the police, holding a melon. As each teams fight it out during the festival, the Rose Section is taking the lead while the students in the Plum Section were doing their best to beat them.

She answers that she will go back to the Human World temporarily, leaving Ruby confused.

Garnet herself had many part-time jobs in the past and the only chance on her big break didn’t happen in her entire life. Charlotte’s Love Story Yay!: Meanwhile, Iruka told the students in the Plum section to do a class album including pictures of the students in both good and bad situations and also expressing their dreams in the future.

How will he finish the film and the same time, admit his love to Garnet? Their housemaid became angry until her cover is blown, revealing that she IS Jewelina all along. But when Dian thanked her for her help and hugged her, Garnet felt embarrassed and worse, she had no idea that he has feelings for her. Peridot feels worried about this and that it will endanger the group until they can find good scoop for the papers.

Archived from the original on June 10, The next jewelpft when Labra found out they’re all out of supplies, she then cried loudly, causing magical shockwaves that almost decimated the area. As they saw this, the rest of her friends joined them and they combined their efforts to defeat the Dark Queen and the Dark Jewel Magic once and for all, while saving Jewelina and Jewel Land.

Paca Paca Paca Yay!: But her powers were too strong until Mikage gave Kanon a flute made of chikuwa, which is the only way on defeating her.


The President eenglish the Sunshine Newspaper is facing a dilemma about a new issue and how the newspapers are delivered. Ruby later learned that she is still a newbie on being Santa and worse, delivers utter chaos during Christmas Eve. Ruby and the others were checking the Ratings Board in the Sunshine Academy lobby for their initial grades until they saw that Tour is in the th place, being the one who got the lowest. But until she met her childhood friend Tour, the love triangle between her, Kanon and Mikage became a lot messier.

What will be Ruby’s Future, and how will it affect her? She tries to find a way to make the shop popular and earn a lot of money to pay for the debt before the deadline. As Mikage helped her get up, she remembered the same episde when she was younger and how she met him for the first time.

But then he sees how much debt the shop and Buster has. Epsiode Jewelpets had a little talk about each other before they parted ways. The next day, Kanon learns that Thanksjewel Day is a day sunshime Jewelpets need a lot of respect and Kanon is shocked on how the day goes.

Stress Explosion of Love Yay!: Retrieved May 12, A few days after the battle, everyone in the Sunshine Academy finally graduated as they all finally achieved their dreams. She’s about to freeze them to death until M-Kage saved them both and made their escape.

Jewelpet Sunshine – EP 5 Eng Dub

As they try to adapt and enjoy themselves in the island, while finding a way back to Jewel Land, each one of them were being watched by someone unknown. Ruby and her friends decides to find the source of it and stop the Dark Magic from plunging Jewel Land into an eternal winter. But this doesn’t turn out well for Ruby in the end, on which she can’t decide her future. Back to Kanon and her group, the somehow failed to get some clues but notices a lot of Jewelpets affected by the Dark Jewel Magic as the battle continues.

The Jewelpets and Hinata were panicking on this until the found out the truth as Angela and Shouko won the sunshinw race.