The botanist asks Bimal to check the area beyond the nearby hill where apparently a strange man lives. He has been shot. The convulsive sobs take on a different dimension now that one has seen the witch. He instructs the prince to go to the dinner alone and return alone on foot and wear the clothes that had earlier been stolen. The next two short scenes, underline the fact no one in this narrative can really be fully trusted. It is revealed that the person Bimal had seen in Calcutta was in fact the botanist in disguise.

Just as suddenly, her warnings become more earnest, not the threatening warning of before but a concerned fearful warning of dire circumstances. Just as he is about to apologise for being late he receives a telegram from Mr. Retrieved 27 February The background music as the scene unfolds in the bedchamber, and the woman jumping to her death laughing hysterically, heightens the mood. In almost an exact repetition of the first scene, the landau is seen speeding through the marshes to the rousing choral music. Her song, taken literally, almost seems like a cry of help. We learn it is the doctor, who had stumbled upon the body of the king and has now come to ask help of the detectives.

Indrakanta apologizes, clears Manjusree of all responsibilty, and dies. It revealed that he was deprived of real property of the royal family and took revenge by killing the members of the family. Cornered and about to be arrested, he escapes again through a trap-door out into the marshes. As he emerges from the fog again in his landau it throws every character and their every action within the shadow of doubt.

Bimal and Suryakanta find the body no longer there and immediately a landau is heard. Beyond a blocked passage, the woman can be heard crying in pain and the botanist threatening her.

Jighangsha Bengali Full Movie HD Download

The duo visit the botanist’s house at the edge of the marshes. Cut to close-up of scaly dark feet plodding through the marsh as someone unseen creature approaches. Cut to the prince. And the seemingly jighanfsha nature of both these characters aides that assumption.


The dazed and petrified prince is running through the marshes as the oppressive howls seem to saturate the atmosphere. The thick billowing fog, the desolate platform with the slightly ghoulish attendant, the marshlands through which the landau travels, the play of light and dark in the mise-en-scene, and finally the looming shadow that is the palace serve to congeal the feeling of impending doom and terror.

Suspicions about the detective Mr.

Jighangsha Bengali Full Movie Download

At the same time, the assistant sees the mysterious man discussed in the earlier scene who had come to the prince posing as the detective and had left a note of warning. This article needs additional citations for verification. The landau arrives, as everyone gradually converges on the spot.

Jighangshq movie revolves with the unwanted incidents that happened in the princely state Ratnagarh. Suddenly the background score starts with the soft staccato beat of drums as the camera holds in close-up the same scaly feet movid before plodding through the marsh.

Cut to the wounded Suryakanta lying nearby. Bimal sees a body and overturning it sees a strange man. The convulsive sobs take on a different dimension now that one has seen moviie witch. Bimal is at the scene of crime when he meets the botanist Professor Gupta again.

Palit’s, everyone notices he is missing.

A piercing cry of pain is heard which Bimal assumes is the prince’s. The pace and frenzy that the background sound and fukl music had created till now is replaced by complete silence signalling that something has happened.

The trustee’s warning and his firm belief in the witch re-inforces the fact. Music starts again, now mingled with the dull angry growls of the creature and the prince’s screams as he is chased.

He used one deaf and dumb porter as a hired killer. The background music as the scene unfolds in the bedchamber, and the woman jumping to her death laughing hysterically, heightens the mood. When confronted the next morning the caretaker denies hearing anything blaming the witch instead. Sen seems transfixed by a portrait hanging on the wall. Jighansa is often credited as the chief source of inspiration for the Hindi blockbuster ‘Bees Saal Baad’.


Suryakanta’s is wading through the marshes too, in search of Manjusree. She confirms earlier suspicions that she is merely a tool in some larger nefarious plan.

He leaves just as suddenly as he had arrived. Also, certain crucial details are revealed – about the inheritance and the oath, the exiled uncle, the young prince. The scene begins amidst a eveving gathering at a palace, a courtesan dancing, a drunkard lecherous king – all typical markers of decadence and dissolution. A landau can be seen, speeding through the fog, out of the marshes.

The music suddenly mellows to a soft flute note which is immediately undercut by the howling laughter that startles the prince and rings out through the marshes. The music complements that feeling of dread. Bimal is shot in the arm and the botanist tries to climb up a slope jighangxha escape. As the creature begins to throttle Suryakanta, Mr. Final words about the family curse, the scandal, and the dead man as the fog swirls and jighangwha them.

The dazed prince is running, the shots intercut with the landau hurtling towards the marshes. Laxman, when confronted, denies everything, even saying he was in his room the whole time. The doctor has been markedly absent all this while and yet the caretaker seems to know his whereabouts, insinuating that they are in cohorts and this is reaffirmed when the latter makes excuses for the former.

This is the perfect time for the entry of Mr. They are interrupted by Laxman’s footsteps. He is shot by Mr.