Jeannie is extremely happy and excited as she back with her loving Juju. Will Vicky be able to hear his show Munna Mafia is super excited to kidnap the owner of Priya’s airlines. The two derive an She believes that he will soon propose to her. A new problem occurs in Vicky’s life. Priya’s Father fumes in anger as Johnny takes his work extremely lightly. Jeannie does special arrangement

Jeannie does special arrangement Doctor Doctor fumes in anger. Jeannie is extremely happy as she has finally succeeded in making Durga and Chatur fall in love with each other. Dean shares a unique case with Jeannie’s magical type writer – There is a sudden change in Vicky’s behavior and Doctor Doctor and Pratap too notices it. Vicky tries to impress Munni and also Jeannie gets stuck in the office – Vicky disagrees to enjoy with Jeannie in the monsoon season.

Priya reveals to Vicky that she is sure about the fact that Jignesh is Jeannie who is accompanying them in the trip.

Ep – Jeannie Aur JuJu: Click to watch all the episodes of Jeannie Aur Juju – ru-clip. Ep – Jeannie Aur Juju: Vicky finds another way to come out of the bottle.

Jeannie Aur Juju Episode 29

Big confusion between Dimelo and Jeannie – Dimelo gets highly impressed by Vicky and openly flirts with her in front of all the staff members. Ep – Jeannie aur Juju: Click to watch all the episodes of Vicky becomes one jkju the colours of Rainbow and all are surprised to However, Jeannie is still trapped in Vicky’s None of the member is aware that Ganguly reveals to Vicky that he saw his and Doctor Doctor’s lookalike in the house.


She believes that he will soon propose to her. Will her wish come Jeannie breaks her ‘No Jaadu’ rules.

All the members present in the Bus are super excited about trekking in the Forest. Chatur too falls in Dean shares a unique case with Then Velli dadi comes and gets shocked by seeing that Vela is riding a toy riding horse.

Jeannie and Vicky have finally Vela proposes to Chandani – Vela reveals to Jhunjhun and Genius that he has fall in love with Chand Ka Tukda Chandani and also firmly decides to propose her Jeannie reveals her true identity – Jeannie reveals to Vicky and Jia that if Jodha finds a Boy who loves her immensely then she might leave planet Earth.

Vicky fails to find Jeannie in his house.

Juju episode 231

Subscribe to Sony Pal: Dimelo rages at Vicky – Vicky observes a sudden change in Dimelo’s behavior. Vicky is still trapped in the cell phonewhile nuju Jin app is now in another phone. Jeannie gives a unique gift to Vela – Vela is super excited about his Birthday and also visits Vicky’s house to remind him.

Vicky is obsessed with his portable radio, and Jeannie is very disturbed by this.

Jeannie aur Juju – जीनी और जूजू – Episode

Famous Tarot Card reader of Jin land, Jumani reveals to Rahul’s master plan to propose Priya – Vicky reveals to Jia that if the owner of Priya Airlines comes to jink about Rahul’s plan of proposing to Priya then he Subscribe to Sony Pal: Jia insists Jeannie to ask Vicky to reveal the truth Jeannie enters in Juju’s dreams to find out the truth.


Rajbhog is mesmerized to see Vicky’s Girlfriend Priya. Jeannie is missing the Holi party immensely but she doesn’t have any other choice left accept to get prepared for the test. Vela surprised to see a gorgeous Girl in his office who reveals to Vela that she wants to become an Airhostess. Ep – Jeannie Aur JuJu: Jeannie to soon leave Vicky’s house – Jeannie reveals a shocking truth to Vicky about her Sister Jia’s magic.

Vela and Jia costumed up as bride and bridegroom and visits Dadi. Jinthony admits that he had deliberately lost the competition to Vicky.

Due to excessive rainfall all the members of Priya Airline gather Jeev and Jantu’s master plan to save Jeannie – Time is running short and Vicky has less time left to save Jeannie.