You have shot quite a few shots that really stress the light latitude of the camera, and many of us can see it. August 21, at One question, Is it 24 or 25fps? You can usually see this kind of fixed pattern noise when you lift the blacks of the camera beyond normal. August 8, at 8: That the blackmagic camera does an amazing job is pretty evident from what I have witnessed so far. To my eye, the dynamic range is definitely on a par with a Red or Alexa and that was only a Prores file.

Facebook Twitter Email Google. His jacket seems to have noise moving about The image also looks very clean! Wed Aug 29, 4: Did you have to use a converter or can you use all canons EF-S lenses? Would it be possible for people making judgments about the footage to elaborate on what display they are viewing it on? I guess some people are more motion sensitive than others.. Also when you travel with a camera on aeroplanes it increases the chance of getting stuck pixels because of the increase in cosmic background radiation.

August 20, at 8: I’ve got somebody asking me about which cameras for an installation at the moment. August 13, at Users browsing this forum: Bad steadicam-ing and all.

I never believe what a camera manufacturer tells me their Dynamic range is. As soon as the camera is signed off and shipping.

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This particular sample feels more video in a way that can not be totally explained. Tue Aug 21, 1: You have limited processing power, and, or limited data resources. So entire crew is myself, a sound and focus puller. Glackmagic 12, at 7: But 15 stops could have evened it out more.


John Brawley posts new Blackmagic Cinema Camera footage

What are you comparing it to? Wed Aug 29, 5: F8 — F16 iso, clear sky, mid afternoon.

Wed Aug 29, 2: Again, many thanks, and power on with your shooting! August 12, at 6: August 14, at August 15, at As for add-on items such as lenses, mounts, balckmagic, mics, and so forth: Thanks John for taking the time to do the write up as well as sharing the video.

How do you know this?

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August 10, at 8: Wed May 18, 5: So far, I’ve watched it on all sorts of calibrated displays: August 22, at 7: I did a very quick, mostly single node grade in Resolve after doing an edit in FCPx.

In the blackmatic I probably should have paid a bit more attention and crushed the blacks by half brawkey percent till it disappeared. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! But here I think we are somewhat disappointed. Rakesh Malik Cinematographer, photographer, adventurer, martial artist http: Although, I may consider picking one of these up for traveling along with a metabones so I can use my EF lenses.

If you’re talking about the highlights of the skin it cameera like it’s just a matter of not using finishing powder to reduce the reflectance.


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All I said was caera in this particular sample my eyes sensed a quality that had not the same filmic impact for me as all the excellent previous ones that you posted. For me the BMCC is too expensive for what they give… not just because it can record in raw that mean is good enough… 2.

How much better can it get? I was just thinking, if the sensor is 2. August 16, at 4: August 8, at 7: But I am mainly doing drama.

On the “Nature” video i don’t see all that dynamic range. The footage looks great. This cam has a max ISO setting ofwhich in the world of staged cinema is spot on! Stick to your D friend. Can bawley under the table, surface of the road, detail in the faces.

Caamera Brawley this is really impressive…. Further more, professionals use post production software programs for editing and for their primary and secondary color grade not relying solely on the in-camera image.

Maximized post editing potential? When I watch the Youtube or watch on Vimeo it isn’t there Or a Sony F