As Rio thought, they both had become stronger than before due to being affected by the Beast Power Bloom. Juuken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 14 0. Jyan, unable to become Super Geki Red, tries to fight Mere in vain. To confirm this, he had Jyan poisoned, forcing him and the others to fight all Five Venom-Ken members at once in Geki Tohja for the antidote. Just My Shigeki [ edit ]. The Gekirangers’ mourning for Rio is cut short as Long regenerates and mocks Rio’s sacrifice, saying that he can never die. Those won’t be the regular thing, but I won’t hesitate to share some if I’ll fell that way. HD, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

Meanwhile, being a sukeban in her youth, Miki tracks Ran in an underground club, easily taking her down and dragging her back to SCRTC to force her to remember her heart and regain her oldself, allowing Ran to help Jyan and Retu, as well as have her use her Kageki to burn the Ringi off her. The Body is Strong [ edit ]. He then calls upon Ran and Retu to try to defeat Rio with the Geki Bazooka’s Fierce-Fierce Cannon, but even it cannot harm Rio, as he sends an even stronger blast of Rinki at them, leaving Ran and Retu back in their civilian clothing. Juuken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 31 0. Member feedback about Muay Thai in popular culture: Shukumei no Taiketsu ” Japanese:

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However, the rest of the team scolded Ken for having sold it in the first place and his laidback nature. Rio attempts to finish Jyan off, but Jyan begins to burn with an intense white Geki sebtai he attempts to give Rio a finishing punch. Retu soon completed his painting afterward with Pierre asking to have it. American adaptations are no-no for me. Sukeban Captain [ edit ]. Answering Rio’s demands, Long reveals that he did murdered Rio’s family, and wounded Dan, epusode up the path for Rio to be conditioned without any emotion but the desire to fight.

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The First Errand” Transcription: But the Gekirangers managed to master the Kaleido Spiral Jump in time to get the cure, with Rio calling off the attack for now. Ken, refusing to accept SaiDain being destroyed in the fire, runs off to the remains of the site with Rio and Mere following.


Now mad, the Gekirangers change and pursue the Mononoke, forced to fight him to regain the package. The Three Thief Sisters” Transcription: Steam Locomotives in Super Sentai Series. But Sha Fu reveals they were a distraction as the three Gekirangers arrive, mastering the Kenmas’ power to finish Rio’s plan and the means to defeat Long: Though defeated, Hihi enlarged himself and was soon knocked off into the nearby mountain by Geki BatFire.

Fictional characters with fire or heat abilities Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Legendary birds Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Greco-Roman mythology in popular culture Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. She was all right. Rio, seeing that his Dorinki is a spark compared to Maku’s, soon leaves while telling Mere not to follow him. Date with a Celebrity” Transcription: Meanwhile, reporting his minions’ success, Long advises Rio that his rivalry with Jyan is pointless, only to be knocked down for overestminating Jyan.

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With the fight over, Xia Fu is glad that Gou found his path and is truly home. In some cases they find themselves trapped between worlds, unable to ente Karada, Tsuyoi ” Japanese: List of feature film series with more than twenty entries topic This list is for film series with more than twenty films in the series.

The Spirit’s Dance” Transcription: After being injured by the “Dorinki”-powered Hihi, the Gekirangers learn from Xia Fu of the Dorinki and were advised not to access the Kageki in their injured state. In their second encounter, Retu manages to knock Moriya off his wall with artistic feeling at his side, forcing a fight between him and Geki Tohja.

Swearing on Rio and Mere’s sacrifice while putting on the Kenma’ Bracelet, Jyan intends to stop Long once and for all. Though the Gekirangers completed their training, they have yet to obtain Kageki and Jyan is still disheartened by Gorie Yen’s statement and starts rethinking what he is fighting for.


Jyan is uneased by both the Venom-Ken and especially Rio.

Seeing Jyan to be more trouble than he thought, Long decides to kill him himself. While Mere goes after Braco, a fearful Moriya flees to attempt to gather Rinki until the Gekirangers found him eentai defeated him for good. Iza Ken-Dan ” Japanese: Juuken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 2 0.

However, thanks to an upset Mere, Hihi regains consciousness and assumes a Dorinki-empowered form, attacking the Gekirangers in full-fury. Though Sojo escapes, the 74 was actually part of Dorou’s master plan to use the Rangers’ qi in his alchemy to create his Dorou Grain.

Back in Tokyo, after making their peace, the Gekirangers see the werewolf, who reverts to human form.

Once there, the two find the place in gekoranger from a landslide, just after Dan is killed by Rio, as Jyan finds a locket with a picture of himself as a baby and the parents he never knew. Her experience with Jyan that allowed Alice to find her own “Kyuikyui”. But Suugu took the fatal hit and drove Long away before he collapses in near death.

While wandering through the city, Jyan finds Natsume at a bathhouse looking at the carp windsocks. Retu comes to their rescue, driving the Rinshi away as the two Kensei arrive. When Mere refuses to prove herself by fighting Rio, Rageku poisons Rio as her way to start Rio on the path of suffering and to start Mere’s training with a foe of her choosing.

Realizing the item Mukoa stole is the SoZyuTo, the Gekirangers arrive to find Kira, fighting their way through Kira’s houseguard with their kung-fu skills. After Long survives Rio’s attempt on his life, the Gekiranger battle him for the sake of Rio and Gekiramger, bent on defeating him in spite of the fact that he’s immortal.