She calls the members of her family, but no one answers. The curse manifests on those who encounter the curse by any means, once Erika Yamada is exposed to the curse, while searching for her dog in an abandoned warehouse, the entire Yamada family is put in grave danger when she returns home. The Ju-On films generally revolve around a curse created in a house in Nerima, Tokyo when Takeo Saeki , convinced that his wife Kayako was having an affair with another man, murdered her, their son Toshio and Toshio’s pet cat in a jealous rage. Seconds later, the phone rings again, and again he answers. But strange visions and terrifying powers begin to manifest Soon, mysterious events occur around her niece.

Media related to Japanese horror films at Wikimedia Commons 9. In , Sony Pictures Entertainment released an American remake of the film. In Japan, Aubrey struggles to communicate with the hospital staff, Aubrey briefly speaks with Karen, who quickly panics, and has to be restrained. The game claims that when a person dies with a deep and burning grudge, when an average housewife in Nerima, Japan, was murdered in a grisly fashion, it gave rise to a curse so powerful that it threatens to kill at a pace thought unimaginable before. On May 17, , Katasumi and were both released in the US for the first time, appearing as additional features on the unrated director’s cut DVD of The Grudge. In , the fifteenth anniversary of the Ju-On franchise, a new installment was released, titled Ju-On: Certain popular Japanese horror films are based on manga, including Tomie, Uzumaki, since the early s, several of the more popular Japanese horror films have been remade.


Shimizu found the performance frightening and decided to “paint [his] ghosts white”. Elsewhere, Toyama dies at some point and leaves his daughter Izumi behind. The Grudge 2 is a Japanese supernatural horror film and a sequel to Ju-on: In these countries, these numbers are often skipped in buildings, ranging from hotels to offices to apartments.

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The disc contains an audio commentary with Sam Raimi and Scott Spiegel and interviews with the cast and crew. Films directed by Takashi Shimizu. Because there is a new hero to identify with every 10 minutes, the viewer isn’t drawn into a sustained suspense, but is merely subjected to a series of more or less foreseeable shocks. Video Side and Ju-On: It is worth noting that this film and its sequel are not remakes of the V-Cinema films, as is commonly believed but are, in fact, sequels.

Natsumi Ueno Misato Tanaka Sadako Yamamura Rintaro Shibamoto It was produced in honor of the Ju-on series 10th anniversary, the game was directed by Takashi Shimizu, who also helmed the films.

Tales from the Grudge.

Black Ghost Ju-On: The Grudge 2 is a American supernatural horror film and a sequel to the film, The Grudge. This article may need to be rewritten entirely to comply with Wikipedia’s quality standards.

Use mdy dates from March Articles needing additional references from July All articles needing additional references Articles containing Japanese-language text. Retrieved from ” https: The Grudge is a Japanese supernatural horror film written and directed by Takashi Shimizu.

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Erika heads home to find out what is going on, Michiko, the mother of Erika, has been hospitalized for about a month. An elevator control panel in onlinne residential apartment building in Shanghai with floor numbers 4, 13 and 14 missing.


Tsuyoshi never makes onlinw to the school and Mizuho is forced to wait in the room while a teacher inspects the school once more. Kanna then moves her bloody head, and looks on as the frightened Hisayo cowers in the corner and waits.

She is tasked to take care of her 4-year-old niece. Following the events of Ju-on: The Beginning of the End Ju-On: The Final Curse Sadako vs.

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Kawamata was an itako who exorcised evil spirits from visitors and fed them to her daughter. Ju-Onand in Europe under the title Ju-On: Retrieved 25 September No, it’s much harder on you than mere fright: Ina novelization of The Beginning of the End.

Edit Cast Credited cast: Three guesses who this tape belongs to.

White Ghost and Nuon Looking around nervously, he asks, “Are you He is characterized by his eyes, pale skin. Unlike some other paw structures of quadruped mammals, especially those of domesticated pets and their nails are strong and are used for digging, along with their teeth, they are also used for defense. The following deaths may create more curses and spread them to other locations.