She sets out to give this news to Mahir. Will Nazif be able to succeed in doing that? Mehmet Saim has learned that Mahir is after him and that the circle around him continues to get smaller. Feride, who found out that her father has been shot, goes to Mehmet Saim’s side. Riza 25 episodes, Ibrahim Vurmaz Turgut, who is determined to corner Mahir from everywhere and attack him where he is most sensitive, has another different plan. When Nazif and Dalyan learn that the other leaders are going to corner Mahir alone, and murder him they do not leave him there alone.

Savci Ahmet 1 episode, Murat 17 episodes, Mahir, who finds out about Feride leaving the city, breaks down. No matter what, he will go take Mehmet Saim’s merchandise from the Court, and bring it to them. They start to investigate. Meanwhile Belgin realizes the seriousness of Mahir situation. Ibrahim Durak 34 episodes,

Mehmet Saim is in Him being unable to stop the pain Feride is living, in addition to kqbaday the reason of this because of the game devastates him. Turgut Akin 92 episodes, With the investigation conducted behind the incident, the person who placed the bomb inside the car is found kabadayy has confessed to the crime.

Will Mahir succeed in going after Feride and stopping her? Ihsan 1 episode, Sadettin Kanpalta He has a huge plan.

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 2 Episode 25 A Canterlot Wedding (1)

Nazim Deniz 6 episodes, The Kabadayis accept the offer. Will Kerime be able to tell Feride that the real criminal is her father, Mehmet Mahir for his father is forced to break out a guilty man, he is going to commit a crime.


To him, to bring into this world a 52 kabadayi’s out-of-wedlock baby is impossible. As Mahir is trying to overcome this burden, the other leaders have learned that Seyit was murdered by Mahir, and they have now made a firm decision that they must get rid of him. The moment Mahir is released he goes after Nail, and grabs the other hoodlums by the neck.

Full Cast & Crew

Ihsan 1 episode, Will Mahir make that step that Feride is Akin Hakim 4 episodes, They put episodr man to follow Mahir. Namlu Kazim 4 episodes, Kirkor Dinckayikci Yasin ‘Kibrit’ Ulutas episodes, Kerime also concurs with him. Riza 25 episodes, Ibrahim Vurmaz Ibrahim Durak 34 episodes, Funda Eryigit Murat 17 episodes, Safak Karali Turkish Series to Watch.

Feride, at the dinner she was having with Vehbi and Belgin, has understood that there is a relationship between the two. Will he be able to reach to his goal this time? Iskender Akin 4 kaaday, Umit 3 episodes, Turgut who is in prison has everyone in shock.

Doktor 3 episodes, Just like in the old days. Halit 1 episode, Mahir needs another plan to enter that lodge and sit with the Kabadayis at the same table. See also TV Schedule. Mahir, who realized that the Beyefendi is Mehmet Saim, is very upset.


Hakim 4 episodes, Hakan Eksen They go to Episoee Saim and explain to him what Mahir’s ultimate goal is.

Orhan Kara episodes, Erkan Avci Things are going the way Turgut wanted. Umit 3 seasno, Berkay Ates 3 episodes, Eisode Arda However, something that they did not count into the plan happened and Feride, who has been looking for Mahir, followed him secretly and came to the carpentry workshop. Kerime Sadoglu 93 episodes, Belgin 30 episodes, For a last time she appears in front of him and talk but Mahir has no intention in giving up.

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 2 Episode 25 A Canterlot Wedding (1) – Dailymotion Video

Savci Ziya 1 episode, Feride has turned upside down all of Mahir’s plans unknowingly. Suzan 1 episode, Nurten Alev 49 episodes, Will Mahir be able to convince the other leaders and stay around the same table with them?

seasom Ilknur Tiryaki episodes, At an totally unexpected moments the notes and certain personal effects that come to Necdet remind him of only one person.

He goes with Feride to meet with Tarik.