Hold me until the end. Can some one please tell me where and how the Envoy obtained a pocket watch???? It’s trying to save a life, be it someone you love or a complete stranger. He sits down and states to Deok Heung that he is giving him one last chance to leave this land or accept his crime of kidnapping the queen and die. Did you see in the Poll? Mama J October 24, at 7: Ready, meaning kind of scared.

Is like watching a good movie and saying you’re not reading the book knowing that almost all original sources are better He steps forward to get closer and she looks at him tearfully, relieved. So while I totally agree that there are scenes where ES acts a noona, I also think that the way she looks at him when he arrives to stop the wedding is not the look a noona would give. Amy October 24, at 4: If she leaves him to go back to the present, then he will become heartbroken and will be living like a zombie while she will be living the same way too. Deok Heung cares only about himself and has never wished for anything better for his country. She appeared to me to be a lonely single woman, with only one purpose in living:

Waca October 24, at 7: Lee Jae-hyun states that he knows this is a hard decision for them to make since attacking the Yuan embassy means that they are ready to attack to Yuan.

It’s manifesting when he holds the sword.

To see the doctor. Ahn Jae and his men wait anxiously for the order from the ministers.

This planet here at Joonni is out-of-this-world, but you ARE not alone. Eun-soo takes out some things and tells Noguk that they are comestics and soaps for her and Lady Choi to use. But this is something that Gongmin is going to have to do over and over again during his time as a ruler- sacrificing the small for the bigger picture.


Not to mention your ever loyal Ranters or Ravers in this blog. The sword also comes out of its scabbard quietly and when you look at the blade in the darkness, it has a soft glow, like the moonlight. Indeed, I was too harsh, Kadorwma, but I’m back to my blinded love for you.

That enamored look is just acting. Dae-man stutters that he was told not to say anything, and tells Young that she cried a lot. It was so hard just typing those words, trying to describe their pain. Faith makes my heart beating so fast even just by thinking about the OTP scenes together and the possibility of their separation.

My Mondays and Tuesdays just started sucking again. Im so angry with the writer. She tells her, if she learned properly from Jang Bin, that her pulse is strong. Eun-soo said she’s fine with rewriting history a little, and you know, I’m fine with the drama taking liberties. She finally pats her a few times on the back.

Wow, so there is actually secrecy now in the palace? Hahaha, I would love that! In the case that he dies or gets captured, that she would survive somehow without the antidote. Hot cocoa, ddeokbokki, odeng, udon, hot kimchi stew, hot grilled pork belly, hot seollangtang and cognac. Well don’t I sound like an uneducated American I just…God, their loved is so doomed…. It could be somewhere else on this earth.


Young thinks that if there was going to be an order from the ministers, it would have come already. Not watching the episode because you read a recap made by one person’s opinion? Bride of Water God. Mama J October 24, at 8: They might as well have left it out. She declares she wants to fight him herself.

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One that I remembered they mentioned abt LMH character only sleep n no emotion. His hair kadoramaa suits him so well and the cameraman is in love with him Posted October 27, jerboa83 said: Sad The last time this happened to me was during King 2 Hearts, which was understandable because that drama was well directed and all. Too bad it ends today!! So let’s have a happy ending! It was ok, but not that great. Young confirms with Lady Choi.

And when it’s added with lots of freakin’ flashbacks, I want kadprama bang my head against the wall.

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All three tours, please, and I opt for the “come often. But the plot and flow of the movie a bit disturbing me a lot since Dr. Posting it here gave me the feeling of being five in front of the parents for school a play when I was a flower with my knees shaking, and my voice cracking.