Here and there, pieces of emotions like seeds in an orange that you are better off spitting out. Indian audiance wants smthng light. They decided to call the movie also ‘Kahaani’. If Durga has committed the crime 8 years back why the circular of the crime reaches Chandan nagar exactly when she is there under police surveillance for a different case under a different identity? Friday, 6 April Kahaani – A mother of loopholes. He was not in an HR department so when he came to know about it he acted. How does that automatically makes Bhaskaran a suspect?

For sure, in Vidya Balan the Indian film industry has found one of its finest actresses. I absolutely love the gorgeous city of Kolkata which I’ve seldom seen in Indian films, and here we weave in and out the crowded, bustling city area and into much laid back neighbourhoods, with a fantastic capture of very natural misc-en- scene being a lovely ode to the city, featuring its sights, sounds, people such as the working class from tea sellers to master craftsmen, and festivals. They decided to call the movie also ‘Kahaani’. Kudos to the whole team! Doodh ka doodh aur paani ka paani. There is not a single scene in the movie where Parambrata has been overshadowed by the presence of Balan. Not satisfied with 1, he wants another of his good officers back to get hold of Milan Damji. Ever wished you watched a movie that left you completely spellbound?

She gave the razor sharp cuts much needed in a thriller like this and her editing abilities will surely get her phone ringing for more thrillers. Not your sex life. Saw the movie while surfing channels last week Vidya’s performance is very good. And yes Vidya Balan our very own Meryl Streep is almost certain to get another filmfare and national award.

Post was not sent – check your email khaani A Compact thriller which should be seen to witness that great thrillers are made in India too: Remember how the movie started with Bhaskaran imploring Bajpayee to loophopes But couldn’t ignore all that was wrong with the script. A thriller in the truest sense, it was so fast paced and full of twists and turns, not silly ones mocie clever and well written ones.


What kind of investigation had Nawaz done the first time around? She knew the previous incumbent Agnes was shot dead after trying to help Vidya. I guess I will try and answer them as far as possible!!

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March 18, at He is trying to protect the identity of ‘Milan Damji’ and we get the hint of he being the bad guy. Moive last the Law Keeping Forces are shown doing what they really should do. Bollywood is branded for creating movies from a male perspective. Superb, brilliant and extraordinary. IB cannot even make arrests on their own. A couple of scenes may even make you jump in your seat. lkopholes

Excellent screenplay, Her acting is very good. Bidya aka Vidya is her best, she loooholes steals the show n covers few loopholes in the movie.

Kahaani – Nine questions for Sujoy Ghosh | F.i.g.h.t C.l.u.b

In the end I must tell you that the Climax will make you jump off your seat. You would have then said he should have kept it written in his looholes. As he himself admitted, no one suspects a pregnant lady.

It is the next installment in the franchise of the blockbuster movie Kahaani that had Vidya Balan as the protagonist. Valerie is quiet for a moment – from “Adaptation”. A leap of faith too many on my part, or is it? Newer Post Older Post Home.

A clean and gripping storyline. Pretty pointless if you ask us, because the replacement secretary provided the information Vidya needed anyway. So he was merely playing the part of a good double agent. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Just a thought guys. When he got the phone call from Vidya he pretended to know nothing and said that she can contact his local office. Verdict– If you have been awaiting for a Good Bollywood Flick, with original narration and quality acting, the movie worth’s every penny.


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April 5, at I am a Bengali but in spite of the fact that I got a mesmerizing view of the Bengali culture and the city of joy-Kolkata which I haven’t visited for agesthis review is not biased. It’s a treat to watch the Howrah bridge,Hoogly river and the Victoria Memorial.

Namrata Rao is another “hero” of the film. Before finally setting out to kill Vidya, Bob Biswas pays Agnes a visit and murders her in cold blood. With Five brilliant performances in a row, she is unstoppable. Bagchi’s “Kahaani” is one of those that would define tougher standards for the forthcoming Fridays.

After spending at least 3 days in the nursing home Vidya elopes and finds her phone carefully kept in a translucent bag so that its visible! Her character V B idya Bagchi is epitome of strong quintessential woman who is strong to take care of herself and at the same time vulnerable to regular emotions of life. Kahaani 1- fightclub 0. It is several notches above the stuff we’ve been subjected to in the past.

All your questions are silly!!! You’ve made some really valid points.