Season 1, Episode 2 The Natural – Part 2. I have a hide motive and am taking the time to write this to inform Amazon that they need to take the time to put shows like this for sale entire seasons on dvd. Narrowly escaping the Water Civilization rulers after being accused of stealing their most powerful artifact, the kids team with Gabe’s creature Gargle to prove that the Choten is guilty – and to stop him from getting away with his crime. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Veil, which has divided the two worlds for a thousand years, is crumbling. Season 1 Season 1 Season 2. In order to do so successfully, they must gather Infernus the Immolator, King Tritonus, Almighty Colossus, Eternal Haven, and Queen Kalima together in the Null Zone and hold a “summit” among them to stop the rising war. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

The kids and Master Nigel travel to the Light Civilization to find Alakshmi wielding the Sword of Fiery Cataclysm , Fingers wielding the Cloak of Dark Illusion , and Heller wielding the Shield of Unity attempting to steal the final powerful artifact called the Heart of Light where the artifacts that Choten’s minions wield act as a compass to the Heart of Light. Yet they soon get caught upon being accused of stealing a Water Civilization artifact called the Helm of Ultimate Technology an artifact that can read as well as control the minds of every creature in the Water Civilization and are brought before the Council of Logos. The Nature of Things- Part 2. Edit Details Release Date: Ray, Allie, and Gabe discover that a thug named Heller is behind the robberies and has been using a gauntlet that he stole from the Choten’s men to control a Storm Patrol creature called Shaw K’Naw. Meanwhile, Queen Kalima starts to have her forces invade San Campion where the incidents with the Skeeter Swarmers gives Gregoria the opportunity to invade San Campion.

At the time when Carny is back in school, a bullied kid named Kevin steals one of Carny’s tech-gauntlets and inadvertently opens the Veil which lets the Skeeter Swarmers into the school that take over everyone’s bodies epiaode Ray’s body.

La La Land 6. Married at First Sight. Now that the Choten has all five artifacts, he begins his plan to collapse the Veil and awaken the 5 Creature Kings.


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The Choten voice Grey Griffin See all 6 reviews. With the Creature Monarchs out of commission, Ray enlists Alakshmi to help find The Choten so that he can save his father from his control. Making matters worse, the Choten activates a Summoning Inhibitor that prevents anyone or anything from crossing through the Veil. In order to do so successfully, they must gather Infernus the Immolator, King Tritonus, Almighty Colossus, Eternal Haven, and Queen Kalima together in the Null Zone and hold a “summit” among them to stop the rising war.

While the others create a diversion in order to broadcast, Ray, Saguru, and Gargle infiltrate The Choten’s ship in order to set up Stalker Spheres. Customers who watched this item natuural watched.

Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters Episode 2 The Natural: Part 2

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. A war breaks out between the Fire Civilization and the Water Civilization resulting in several bizarre natural disasters occurring in San Campion causing Ray, Gabe, Epsode, Master Chavez, and Master Nadia to get involved when a volcano warship from the Fire Civilization attacks a Water Civilization outpost headed up by Corile. The Masked Singer 7.

Following the Evo-Serum Bomb detonating in the Gise Zone, the Choten takes control of the recently-evolved creatures and leads them into an attack on San Campion.

Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. The Last of His Kind. Top Kids Shows See All. Master Hector Chavez voice David Sobolov After rescuing a baby fire creature from Alakshmi, Ray and his friends hide out at school, but are soon caught up in a dangerous game of hide-and-seek with the Choten’s pursuing minion tye her vicious puppet, Razorkinder.

English Choose a language for shopping. Allie’s loyalties are tested when she is influenced by the Cloak of Dark Illusions upon her being unable to get it off her.

Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters, Vol. 1

Master Nigel Brightmore voice Oded Fehr Ray must join the ranks of the mysterious Duel Masters and master the ancient art of Kaijudo to ensure the survival of both races before it is too late.


Ray and his pals help Master Kimora probe some mysterious disappearances occurring in Mighty Shouter’s tribe. After rescuing Little Hissy a baby Legionnaire Lizard from Tthe, Ray and his friends hide out at school, but are soon caught up in a dangerous game of hide-and-seek with Alakshmi epislde her vicious creature Razorkinder Puppet of Miasma Pit. So I won’t need an Internet connection just to watch favorite shows.

A Star Is Born 4.

Patt dream warns Ray of a new danger in the Nature Realm and he and his friends cross the Veil to help. Send us Feedback Get Help. During the battle, Ray is temporary blinded and Master Jaha ends up having to train him to use his other senses to see while working with a Tarborg creature called Fumes. The Unbareable Being of Lightness.

The Curse of Oak Island 2. During this time, Ray ends up making a discovery about Carny’s dad Alex where it turns out that Alex is one of Choten’s benefactors and even learns more about Tatsurion the Unchained’s father Napalmian the Conquering.

During this time, Ray learns about his mother’s past and what his father Ken was. Ray, Gabe, and Allie escape from risw Creature Realm and help the Duel Masters launch an attack on Choten’s lair unaware that the Choten is prepared for their arrival by abducting Tatsurion the Unchained and the creature partners of the Duel Masters.

In disguise, she attends school with our heroes, and is introduced to mean attitudes, cyber-bullies, and powerful emotions – all of which make her question humanity. Please try again later. Ray ends up surprised when Saguru makes an unexpected visit.

Rpisode you love Pokemon, Bakugan, Magi-Nation, Digimon and many more action tv shows that they fight alongside with cool animal type partners who have cool unique powers, as they fight evil and achieve their full potential.

Allie Underhill voice Scott Wolf