Like 0 Dislike 0. Always a true kyyian and mananholic. By the way… Is there any news of Cabir? Log In Welcome, Login to your account. The Fab5 is called to perform and are introduced while Cabir is missing at the drums. She looks at the pills in her hand and throw them out of the Car window. Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Episode 85 24th November

Last updated Nov 17, Fairyyy… Aww mela first frnd!! Manik is surprised and says that she believed me, and wonders how she can believe him. Nandhani and Naviya are standing aside and smiling on seeing them together. Dreamy 8th Jan – 7: Mukti is babysitting for Navya’s baby Abeer and gets irritated when he cries. Daisy 10th Jan – 2:

Love you niti and parth.

Cabir died but his twin was to come. She picks up the call from Mukti. A Peon comes there and tells that Nyonika has asked to move the instruments from there and Nandini tells that she will speak to Nyonika.

You all think of Cabir as your friend? I am telling you. Harshad tells that he is happy that she chose the Fashion Industry and that he is confident that she will do well. Madam told me that she will take Taxi Manik cuts the call Manik: Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Episode 86 25th November We were so wrong… we felt eipsode Aunty is so open minded… but this… this is so scary… I am so worried about Cabir.


Last updated Nov 17, Aryaman and Nandini hears Radio O2 Manager telling that if Manik does not return they he will put them in trouble. Ok…can someone tell me if the show was aired on saturday…i mean fresh episode…so…aaj ka episode ka update tak nahi aaya.

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BOF boys over flowers, a korean serial. The boos are getting louder and louder and Neunika tells Raghav to leave as she will handle this. If you really are his friends then you should have stopped him when he was going the wrong path. Alya goes to her.

Daisy 10th Jan – 2: Manik and Dhruv are talking. And I had to take him to the Hospital. Book is my date this year.

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Nandini walks from there. Lovers should have trust and ksisi between them. I miss her a lot!! Dec 6 ige hindu newspaper alli datesheet bandittu.

First day pe hi u made me laugh so much aur ab kahan gayab ho gaye ho!! Harshad tells Alya that she may hate him but he loves her. Manik did nothing but only said truth about cheater harshad.

Aryaman thinks that this is the time and goes to Manik who hugs him and says that he knows that he has done a lot of bad things with him but there should be no hard feelings which Aryaman also understands.

But we will celebrate the happiness of losing. A Nurse comes out of the ICU and says that she gave Cabir injection for sleep and asks them to wait outside only.


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Nandini sees a Chocolate Cake in which it is written Always keep Smiling. She is crying bitterly and takes a handful of anti depressant pills in her hand.

A password will be e-mailed to you. Just shut up Manik… She walks from there Dhruv: Nandini tries to hire kaiisi taxi. Just to drop you and just for you… Dhruv: She will not pick up the call. I love this day. Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Written Updates: I really like the episode because they are showing equality between all. They all walk back to where they were standing earlier Manik: Nanna 1st preboards feb 15 inda start. I have been trying you for so long… Mukti: Exactly 36 days baki ide.

Plumpyyy 9th Jan – 8: Please anyone tell me. She may be very stressed out and there is no one with her in this situation. The crowd starts to calms and agrees and starts to chant in the favor. Boards march 30 inda.