Parenting Effectiveness Awareness seminar for the parents in order to be aware the rights of the children. Born and raised in the city, Sang-woo quickly comes into conflict with his old-fashioned grandmother and his new rural surroundings. We are all strangers in our world. Teachers are those who set the tone for a great learning environment. Kids are followers, also called observer, what they see they would imitate. Jumping to a certain level is not advicable.

Paano kaya ako makakatulong? There are many factors that might affect our motivation. Every society has to set certain norms for people to follow. That is why teachers are said to be the second parents at school because they are the extension of the family outside their home. As teachers we must have equip with knowledge and understanding to facilitate this process. Behavioral contracts are also important for students who usually disobeys teachers or parents, making one will help them to be aware of the consequesnces of their negative actions by acknowledgement. Hindi natin namamalayan na ginagamit na pala natin ang dalawa o limang pagdulog na ito sa paraang magkakahalo sa pagtuturo.

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There are step by step processes which they need to pass through, milestones, certain zone of proximal distance from level to level. Taking your basic temperament, you add life experience, culture, education, and upbringing to form your personality. A chance to live well, a chance to eat properly, a chance to study, a chance to prove themselves… all of their chances were like a dream for them, hard to reach, hard to fulfill.

Next would be the school itself. He underwent a major operation, causing him the loss of his left kidney. When the family, school, church and the state, work hand-in-hand, it is possible to eliminate the child-social issues that has concerned our society for many-many years now.

Stories beneath the painting as you stare at it makes me feel that I am a fortunate gelasco to live this kind of life. He totally withdrew from the world — from his velassco and social life — he avoided any contact with his friends and even his family — locking himself in one room as a total recluse.


Again, understanding the different personality types will help us to create a better learning environment to our students and their classmates through proper matching and correct classroom management. Trying to think another strategies for them to get easily catch the lesson. As individual we made our lives meaningful according to what we believe.

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His artworks haunt because they serve both as mirror and window. The core group of Pelikula TitusBrandsma selects three films that correspond to a specific theme for each velasxo. In dealing with other people we should understand their personality. Some are private, reasonable, calm, patient and caring, seek for quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Every society has to set certain norms for people to follow.

Majority of the street children are found in the street, market, worship, recreation areas, business establishments and terminal stations for buses and jeepneys.

It is an important tool in order to keep our focus in accomplishing something.

Not until we became teachers ourselves, we finally noticed. After a week, he came back, he promised to not to do it again. They have entered the public school system but dropped out of school due to many problems in life.

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In studying different learning theories and appreciation for the dynamics of childhood adolescent development, we are being taught not to be dependent merely on textbooks, rather we must value the full range of human intelligence, which includes concrete thinking, ny activity, spirituality, moral action and reasoning. Here, you will be able to recognize different aspects of life lopunan the struggles of poor young street children in order to survive.

How much we give ourselves so that our students will be able to learn?

Some may be effective, some may not. We should know their total background that even though we close our eyes we know them still, this will establish a good relationship. Sa isang klasrum na pinapasukan natin ay halos libo velacso personalidad mayroon doon. Buksan ang isipan sa kung paano natin nais hubugin sila sa tulong ng mga pagdulog na ito. A table of hope is still waiting in the kingdom of God wherein all of us Christians will share our meals together with our Christ our Lord, soon.


Motivation, Discipline and Guidance Finding deep motivation to ourselves makes us widen our beliefs that we can be a great motivator. Kindly offer prayers for the eternal rest of his soul. Effective teaching requires effective discipline.

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I realized that I am so blessed and be thankful to God. A learner must seriously take into consideration that learning is a great commitment. Lastly, with teary eyes it breaks my heart when I heard the story of Judan, and I byy myself; how many children suffered because of poverty? As a teacher we need to master the subject matter we will teach, although we need to develop skills in using a variety of instructional materials and methods, we also need a thorough knowledge llipunan psychological foundations to become more effective teachers.

Bilang isang guro, mahirap makita at maunawaan ang mga personalidad na ito. Marahil siguro sa atin sila nakakadama ng seguridad na di naibibigay ng magulang. Because I feel I can do nothing with this, there are hundreds or even millions of these kind of story and how can I help? Discipline them for the learning process to be successful and guide them to learn and prepare for their futures. It thereby learning process acquired.

Ask guidance to enlighten our minds and heart though prayer and meditation.