This prompts Oren to sortie a group of Inves summoned by Jonouchi at them. Surprised by Lord Baron’s ability to retain his mental capacity, Ryoma quickly transforms and fights him but he is quickly overpowered by the Over Lord’s immense power. He later has a dream of the mysterious girl as he tells her that he will suffer his new burden for the sake of another. Upon telling Baron that true strength is inspiring others, Ryugen gives Gaim the Ichigo Lockseed which he uses to transform into Ichigo Arms. Once the Inves are defeated, Gaim reveals to Ryugen that the Helheim Forest is where the Lockseeds come from, prompting Ryugen to pick one off of a tree, transforming it into the Kiwi Lockseed. Introduced in today’s press event are five individual Kamen Riders. Wah, ini sih desain yang ketinggalan zaman Saya lihat kok desainnya aneh banget deh! The Whereabouts of the Forbidden Fruit [ edit ].

When he leaves, Mitsuzane realizes that if portals to the Helheim Forest are appearing on their own, as Mai had found earlier, then that means that Inves are now passing through into their world, while elsewhere in Zawame an Inves has already begun attacking people. In the events that follow, after his defeat by Team Baron, Hase finds himself abandoned by his Wild Raid teammates. Tp kok KR yg ni konsepnya kayak W y? Here it is folks! Meanwhile, after running into Kurokage Troopers on Dandeliners, Mitsuzane transforms into Ryugen as Takatora watches through the security cameras. Ryoma warns Kaito of the danger for abandoning his humanity before falling to his death. Back at the Yggdrasill Corporation, Ryoma analyzes the results of Marika’s fight with Gaim and decides to test his new invention as soon as possible.

A Duel with the Over Lord King! Klik di sini infonya! Now cleared of all doubts, Gaim transforms into Kiwami Arms and turns the tides of the battle, jefueion Dyudyuonshu with an Ichigo Power charged blast from the Hinawadaidai-DJ-ju, which Zangetsu Shin avoids by using Dyudyuonshu as a shield.

Meanwhile, at the Yggdrasill Corporation’s hologram room, Takatora is satisfied with the final testing of his new Genesis Driver and Melon Energy Lockseed.

Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 12 English Subbed – The New Generation Rider Appears!

When Armored Riders Gaim and Ryugen get into the forest, Ryugen splits up from Jfeusion just as Kaito predicted and returns back to the human world to meet Sid, telling him that he is not interested in the Forbidden Fruit as they form an alliance to take out Kouta. Intent to show what true power is all about, Baron is about attack when Sid steps in and deems a change of rules is needed while giving the Armored Riders Lock Vehicles so they can settle it in a race.

On the way, she finds a lost child and takes him with her to safety when a Lion Inves attacks. While explaining to Kouta that he finds conflict entertaining and has joined the Armored Riders as they are not fighting properly, he easily defeats both Kurokage and Gridan akmen, setting his sights on the remaining Armored Riders. Kaito goes to see Yoko on the ground, and they speak before Yoko dies jjefusion Kaito carries her away. Mitchy’s Ark [ edit ]. When more Inves appear to fight them, Zangetsu Shin defeats the monsters by himself, as Gaim is unsure about fighting them, knowing that they were once ordinary living beings.


Some time later, while training by himself, Kaito is approached by the same boy he had seen earlier, who sends the monster that fought Gaim to fight him as well. As the Lockseed gathering “game” begins, Baron and Bravo fight between themselves while Ryugen decides to look for the white Armored Rider. In the middle of the battle, when Kouta winces in pain, Zack transforms and seemingly overpowers Kouta, but not before secretly telling him to retreat.

Before she leaves, she warns Kouta that he rwa know the price of his power soon enough. The next day, Team Gaim orchestrates a plan to search the city for the Inves.

As stated in previous information, it will be using fruit-theme, and as well as being a samurai of some sort.


Kaito winces in pain, revealing his wound that Mai tries to dress up. Aku pikir KR setelah Wizard temanya bakal “techno” coz setelah W flashdisctruz Ooz ancientFourze space dan yg sekarang Wizard magicianKR setelahnya bakal pake tema yg futuristik lagi They enter the portal and discover a forest full of strange fruit that when picked transform into Lockseeds.

Still in shock at Takatora’s revelations, Kouta relays what he has learned from him to Mitsuzane, who pretends that he did not know about it beforehand. The next day, Oren, Jonouchi, and Zack find Kaito and Minato but stop when they sense Kaito’s scent is not like his old one. However, the group is attacked by a Bat Inves and are forced to fight the Inves guarding the nearby entrance before falling back.

Ryoma appears ra after, and upon realizing that Mai is carrying the Golden Fruit in her body, decides to take her to a hospital.

In Helheim Forest, after gaining Roshuo’s permission to travel to Zawame with an army of Inves, Redyue informs Mitsuzane of Sid’s death epieode revealing her own intention to conquer Earth and become its ruler.

Baron’s New Mango Power [ edit ]. Kouta and Mitsuzane are contacted by Ryoma alongside Kaito. Kouta returns to Team Gaim’s base and when Mai and the others ask him about what is happening, he claims that he cannot explain the situation at the moment and leaves to keep searching for Hase. Meanwhile, Kaito examines the picture and wonders about its meaning and where the strange figure is currently hiding.

Once the Inves are defeated, Gaim reveals to Ryugen that the Jecusion Forest is where the Lockseeds come from, prompting Ryugen to pick one off of a tree, transforming it into the Kiwi Lockseed. While out looking for Takatora, Kouta learns from Yoko that he faim going to fight Mitsuzane.

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 12 – Watch Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 12 online in high quality

Upon eating the fruit, Kouta becomes the “Man of the Beginning” and Sagara appears as well to congratulate him for his victory. Unlike Gaimu who is of orange and blue, the second rider will have red and silver color scheme. Kamen Rider Baron, Kumon Kaito akan diperankan oleh Kobayashi Yutaka, dia mengenakan armor dengan motif western, eipsode changenya bernama Banana Arms, sedangkan Kamen Rider Ryuugen, Kuershima Mitsuzane akan diperankan oleh Takasugi Mahiro dan memiliki armor bermotif chinese dan memiliki arms change bernama Grape Arms.


Once reaching the entrance to the secret passage, Ryoma provokes Kouta for abandoning Oren and Jonouchi for them to push forward, but Kaito punches him in the face for his insolence instead. After Eepisode Baron suffers a crushing defeat from Team Charmant, Kaito, claiming that he has lost his memory, asks his friends for an explanation.

When Team Invitto arrives to Team Gaim’s stage with an Ichigo Lockseed, understanding the protecting others means risking his own well being, Episide reveals his new Sengoku Driver and uses the Budou Lockseed to transform into the gun-wielding Armored Rider Ryugen. Outside Drupers, having followed him since watching him and the others attempt to break into the tower, Takatora decides to see Kouta once Kaito and Yoko leave.

Mitsuzane later finds Kouta as he is having trouble getting a job due to his Kamwn Rider status and sees that talking his friend out of it will not work while confiding that he wants to protect his friendship with Kouta and Mai. Go and like this page. After meeting with Ryoma in private to help him convince his older brother that his action was the scientist’s plan, Mitsuzane arranges things so he can continue being a Beat Rider with his friends a bit longer.

Elsewhere, Takatora, Ryoma, Sid, and DJ Sagara discuss ways to continue the plan despite the infections and how the Beat Riders no longer have a role to play in their scheme. Back in the forest, Gaim uses Jimber Peach Arms to track down Sid but instead hears Mitsuzane asking for help, claiming that he is being attacked by Zangetsu Shin.

A jefision Armored Rider. Here’s a clip from the 7th episode of Kamen Rider Gaim featuring the first appearance and battle of Gaim’s Watermelon Arms.

When Gaim, as Jimber Lemon Arms, accuses Zangetsu Shin of preparing a genocide, he claims that it is all for the sake of mankind’s survival and just like him, he was already forced to kill others to survive. The three Armored Riders confront the criminals and while Kouta runs after them, Armored Riders Ryugen and Knuckle stay behind to defeat their Inves and recover the money.

Kaito reveals that to bring Mai back to the present and to rule the world, he must win the Golden Fruit challenge and defeat Kouta. Still, Kaito refuses to surrender and keeps heading to his fate while Yoko picks up Ryoma’s discarded Genesis Driver.

Mitsuzane then leaves to the hospital to visit Takatora, who was discovered alive, but is now in a coma and may be suffering from severe brain damage.

He soon turns his attention on Gaim and Baron, but they are interrupted by the sudden appearance of Hase, who in his delusions has decided yaim only way to regain his power is to eat one river the forest’s fruits himself.

Upon meeting with Team Gaim’s leader Yuya Sumii, Kouta learns of how the Inves Game is gaining popularity before he returns home to see his older sister Akira Kazuraba, asking her when he will be able to transform.