Pashto songs drama k found at dailymotion. Folkloric Amir Kror Suri 16th century Pir Roshan, poet, warrior, intellectual — 17th and 18th century Khushal Khattak, national poet, warrior, chief — Nazo Tokhi, poet, national heroine, mother of Mirwais Hotak — Rahman Baba, poet — Abdul Hamid Baba, poet? It is thus the most rural administrative unit in Pakistan, according to estimates FATA gained Free download vector electronic Super smash flash 2 trailer Movie script text download. Pashtun men usually gather at special events and listen to Pashto poetry, there are TV programs which broadcast such events to the wider Pashtun audiences. It was not the elders, but the Pakistani Taliban who negotiated a truce with the army, troops entered the region, into South Waziristan and North Waziristan eight more times between and and faced further Pakistani Taliban resistance.

Pashtun dress of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Estimates of the number of Pashtun tribes and clans range from about to over , additional Pashtun communities are located in western and northern Afghanistan, the Gilgit—Baltistan and Kashmir regions and northwestern Punjab province of Pakistan. The Arghandab River runs along the west of the city, the city of Kandahar has a population of , Balochistan Balochi, Pashto, Urdu: It is a trading center for sheep, wool, cotton, silk, felt, food grains, fresh and dried fruit. The nine phonemes represented in the column headings below show key phonetic differences between the dialects. The name Candahar or Kandahar in this form probably translates to candy area and this probably has to do with the location being fertile and historically known for producing fine grapes, pomegranates, apricots, melons and other sweet fruits.

He went to Islamia Collegiate school in the fifth class, and started writing poetry in Urdu. InEthnologue was asked to work with the International Organization for Standardization to integrate its codes into an international standard. It retains the original pronunciation of these two phonemes as voiceless and voiced retroflex sibilantsrespectively, and does not merge them into other phonemes unlike the northern dialects.

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Waziristan Pashto and Urdu: British Troops constructed the infrastructure for their establishment as it was a strategic location, by the time of the earthquake on 31 May Quetta had developed into a bustling city with a number of multistory buildings and was known as Little Paris because of that. The new name is said to have been based upon the Persian for frontier town, or more literally, forward city, though transcription errors and linguistic shifts may also account for the citys new name.


According to a estimate, the population of the city was around 3, which includes all the ethnic groups. The 15th edition of Ethnologue was the first edition to use this standard and this standard is now administered separately from Ethnologue according to rules established by ISO, and since then Ethnologue relies on the standard to determine what is listed as a language.

Pathan community lives in different district of Azad Kashmir, mainly they are being settled in districts of Poonch, Sudhnuti and Bagh.

Early peasant farming villages came into existence in Afghanistan ca. Member feedback about Pashto: Member feedback about Hamza Shinwari: Check all videos related to Pashto new comedy drama.

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The Arghandab River runs along the west of the city, the city of Kandahar has a population ofAbdul Bari Jahani Pashto: Perhaps the tallest building in the ancient world, Peshawar’s Kanishka stupa once kept sacred Buddhist relics in the Kanishka casket. Pashto drama tandar part 4 and ninja turtles shell shocked movie Ccna in pashto part kabdahar – VidInfo. Evaluating language statistics, the Ethnologue and beyond. Balochistan marked the westernmost territory of the civilisation, which was one of the most developed in the old Bronze Age in the world.

The following is an incomplete list of notable Pashtuns.

The city is at a location along the trade routes of South and Central Asia. Despite this, many people identify themselves with various clans.

Search pashto darma janger khan shawar – GenYoutube. During the Caliphate of Ali, revolt broke out in southern Balochistans Makran region. Darius Hystaspes subsequently subdued the races dwelling west of the Indus, Gandhara was incorporated into the Persian Empire as one of its far easternmost satrapy system of government.

His work is considered a fusion between classic and modern poetry. Following Alexanders conquest, the Valley of Peshawar came under suzerainty of Seleucus I Nicator, a locally-made vase fragment that was found in Peshawar depicts a scene from Sophocles play Antigone.


They are part of the Taliban forces. Mohenjo-Daro and Mehrgarh were among centers of the Indus Valley Civilisation in the modern-day province. At this stage the mother of Khwaja Habib, Amatul Fatima was beyond child bearing age, but since the sheikh had spoken, they believed that Allah willed otherwise.

Old painting showing the Great Wall of Kabul. Finally, he moved south and conquered Kalat after a fierce battle, Muslim forces later regained control of the area during the Umayyad reign. For administrative division inMortimer Durand drew pasuto Durand Line and this porous line that runs through the center of the Pashtun region forms the modern border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Estimates of the number of Pashtun tribes and clans range from about to overadditional Pashtun communities are located in western and northern Afghanistan, the Gilgit—Baltistan and Kashmir regions and northwestern Punjab province of Pakistan. Translation, I forget the throne of Delhi when I recall the mountain peaks of my beautiful Pukhtunkhwa, the last Afghan Empire was established in and united all the different Pashtun tribes as well as many other ethnic groups 9.

Examples of sentences showing the difference between Wanetsi and the regional standard Kandahari: He wrote classical poetry and blended it with modern innovations, as well as introducing new ideas in Pashto Ghazals.

Despite the many terrorist attacks by elements, the city is growing and developing. Ethnic Pashtuns in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Balochistan, Pakistan — Balochistan, is one hagis the four provinces of Pakistan, located in the southwestern region of the country. At the end of the book, Mohammad Hotak briefly discusses his own life and works.

Jahani often recalls his old good days of childhood in Kandahar where he spent most of his teenage years and talks about how Kandahar was once a melting pot and a common home for all ideologies and naris.