If this will take a tiny share in finding justice. Or you’re going to Ankara? My Feride, as long as you sob like this, everything inside me is tearing apart. What is the matter Ahmet? We don’t even have the same last name on the records. Why are you angry? And told them to send his greeting to Yilan, and then went ahead and poured acid on the man.

I just prepared some tea, I can bring it with some hot pastries. Your honored head of the court Get up son, talk to your sister right away Mahir took care of the men, and even burned one of them with the acid. Brother Berdan sent his men to Mahir Kara’s house so that they give him a greeting and pour the acid on the girl’s face. You shouldn’t leave miss Mufide alone and come here to take care of me. I’m only accepting so you don’t get sick standing outside my door all night

Connect to YouTube No thanks. I’m not going anywhere until I take the girl, she is the one I kaaradayi to deal with! Why did they come? Your signature is on the paper Everything you say will be done immediately. Karadayi is a Turkish television drama series produced by Ay Yapim. The woman we are talking about, doesn’t she work at that brothel? God willing, brother, God willing! Everytime I try to show her the right path, look at what she does.

And this means that you might have showed us that you and your wife Serra had an accident. He would say that if you teach the person you call your child a lesson. Don’t interfere between me and my daughter Eylem Kardayi Sema Ergenekon. And told them to send his greeting to Yilan, and then went ahead and poured acid on the man.


Karadayi – Episode 56 – 28th February 2014

How are you doing my brother? I assume you have an explanation why you were here until morning? I had some work early kaeadayi the morning and I told myself I should come and see you. Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter.

She doesn’t see how Mahir is dangerous and how he’ll burn her soul.

Karadayi – Episode 56 – 28th February – video dailymotion

Since I have made you lower your head and have separated you from your family We’ll buy fish if fisherman Hasan has come because his fish is very good. I came here to take what’s mine See our usage guide for more details on embedding. Is everything alright, are you in a good mood? Since we’re in the casino business. Mahir can not rest urddu he seeks justice for his father, who was wrongly accused of a murder. This means that you don’t know yet I don’t have time to furnish a home, as you know my schedule is intense.

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Before, until now, all my worries and concerns were about Orhan’s behavior. But every cloud has a silver lining. His decisions are forever.

Home Dramas urdu one Karadayi. And even if you can’t love him, at least acknowledge that he exists. My Feride, as long as you sob like this, everything inside me is tearing apart. You have to cut off the area which is infected with gangrene and throw it away. After all, you have your family on one side, and on the other, that gangster. Or you’re going to Ankara? I know urdi very well It is not the first time that our daughter stands up to us because of this pander. Your honor, excuse me for my shock, but I don’t understand what you’re talking about.


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I’m looking for a house 11 one bedroom and a living room, preferably already furnished. When we put Deniz on his lap, you will see how he will melt inside. Uff, our cruel fate has once again stood between us, hasn’t it my love? May God give us good in epixode life and our death. No problem, my wife’s sister With time your family will understand how much we love each other.

Apparently you don’t know how many people leave the morgue every day.

Your honored head of the court We never tasted it while you were gone, mom never brought it home. I have fulfilled my promise that I gave eoisode. I’m finally going to graduate.