All in all, I consider that not only those who are responsible for good governance but every citizen should read this book to understand what actually Public Accountability is and the role of the Parliament in relation to good governance. He also believes that this crisis is partly the crisis prevalent in the very function of art criticism in general in the study of art and literature. Controversy surrounded her election as Geetha, having married a Swiss national, was at one time a citizen of both Sri Lanka and Switzerland. The one-eyed ‘yodaya’ is in fact almost a recluse in the jungle who is quite helpful to people in distress, the cunning fox who tries to help his ageing friend – gypsy the dog, gets outsmarted – and so it goes on. No cash or other prizes and incentives are offered to the winners. As Lenin once pointed out, the cinema is the most important of all arts.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the family movie, Thaala, the other day. For example, if the citizenship was obtained after marriage, the consent of the spouse would have to be obtained. He is seen introducing world films that come over the television late in the night. I am capable of addressing any international forum and get assistance to improve our health sector. Sumathi group of Companies came forward and organized television festivals, acknowledging its significance and outstanding attainments to improve the quality of television programs to every age limit of the people and to acknowledge the behind the screen technicians to bring forward and value their efforts to Sri Lankan television. After completing his primary education, he began work as a civil servant eventually reaching a position at the Vehicles Department – Colombo in the engineer division.

A star was born!

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All in all, there are fifty reviews collected from various periodicals ranging from to Into this setting arrives members of the urban entrepreneurial youth. I can do many more things than those who have served as Chief Ministers. It was released on 20 June The land often sinhapa ‘nowhere’ and there are ‘never never animals’ who win our attention and interest. She was not prepared to play the coy maiden if and zinhala a scene warranted close encounters of the physical kind.


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The titles have been chosen with wry humour with a fine sense of ‘belonging’. Having dual citizenship apparently debars one from contesting elections in Sri Lanka and some of her political opponents opined that she was disqualified from being a Member of Parliament. The widest coverage in Sri Lanka. Geetha was inundated with offers from Tamil movie producers but unfortunately she could not accept them because she was about to get married. Focus on books Reviews and views on cinema by Prof.

He also hints as to how a particular film is seen as naturalistic and sometimes supersedes that level and becomes realistic.

Malini FonsekaRavindra Randeniya. The author discusses the difficulties encountered by Parliamentarians in studying the Committee reports and mentions that “most reports though tabled in Parliament are not debated and they end up in the Parliamentary Library till an interested researcher probes into it.

He told Gamini about the Bentota beauty queen and suggested that she be given a chance to act in films. Hithath Hondai Wedath Hondai. The following is a list of notable Sri Lankan actors and actresses.

As a general reader, my first impression was the utmost dedication, the writer Weragama has taken to see these films and write reviews and the active commitment in many ways, is commendable since he is taking the art of criticism far more seriously than any other critic, I know of, living in this country.

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Awards given Inthe award ceremony was started with 19 award which was increased up to 52 awards in Anthony’s boys’ School, Dalupotha, Negombo. Wiswa Warnapala in his recently released book “Parliament and Public Accountability in Sri Lanka” which I feel would be useful to every citizen who is interested in this aspect as there is no such single publication which gives a comprehensive accounts of the Public Accountability and the nature of controls exercised by parliament.


It was entered into the 9th Moscow International Film Festival. Ape Yalu Punchi Boothaya Sinhalese: Kumarasinghe declined to say whether there was confirmation of her renouncement of Swiss citizenship and whether there was a response to her claimed letter to the Embassy in Colombo.

The witches here are not as nasty and gruesome as we have known them. He has done extensive research with the academic and practical background he possesses on this subject resulting in authoring a very useful publication to the reader.

He states further that to-date they have not shown an karumamkarayo in discussing spending programmes in terms of economy, efficiency and effectiveness. Geetha took the Sinhala film world by storm.

It is to be hoped that Geetha Samanmali Kumarasinghe would face up well to this challenging new role in real life. In many ways, the book by Weragama should be read as a historical survey of the situation of the Sinhala film.

Ilangaratne J Dhamma Jagoda B.

In regard to the Parliamentary Privileges Act he has drawn attention of the reader to an instance where the view of S. Geetha also got the Swarna Sanka award for Best Actress twice. Geetha Samanmali Kumarasinghe was born on 5 July in Badulla.