Whether the effort is worth it to you remains to be seen, I guess. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Thanks for considering helping that happen. The summer islands look so great. Hartlepoool, where most passagemakers call in for food and fuel. Excellent as usual D!

Really enjoyed this one. My contribution is on the way…. Do you think he needs a bigger boat? They are everywhere among us — wanderers, adventurers, poets, romantics. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. The guides make it sound pretty inhospitable for yachts…. I think a long shallow one is almost as good as a deep thin one.

Cheers, fingers crossed for back to last years weather soon.

KTL 8:8 Kirkwall to Stromness

Very much enjoyed the film, it brings back the memories from our me and wife visit to the Orkneys just a few weeks before your cruise around the islands. That said, still bloody brilliant, tapping to follow! It is all hanging in the balance a bit at the moment though because ireland would be really, really expensive. Brilliant as always Dylan. There is no doubt latitude has a role to play in temperature D.

Sounds pretty much suicidal to me. Thank you for your reply. I loved the monkey hangers, sub-aquatic miners and the alien beach. Why did you go for Fraserburgh? Tarka the Otter was the creation of Henry Williamson and swam in the rivers of Devon. Wonderful memories of my old sailing patch. One further thing to add — the use of the German fleet as a source of steel uncontaminated by radiation from nuclear bombs and tests.

It downloads a tiny file, looks like a folder bat file or something. Claustrophobia is not a strong enough word, ten minutes was enough for me even with the hatches open.

Must have a look up the Kyle of Lochalsh next time we are up that way though! Generally the idea is to make and post the films in keepturninglsft winter when more people get to see them but I thought I might keep the pot boiling a bit D.


Just make sure you show him the hamble scramble first or swearing at mobos — just for a bit of balance I have a few more perspectives on what it is like sharing a border with the jocks. I have 12 more films in the can before I seaosn out of material.

They may be disguised as businessman, as teachers or laborers, but beneath the trappings of conformity and sociability their hearts beat to the rhythm of an ocean swell, their ears hear a hissing, foaming wake and warm trade winds singing through the rigging, their eyes see beyond the cities pallor to palm-fringed beaches and star-lit coves.

Shallow-draft and an easy sailer, Gunter for the estuaries and the River-rig for dropping the mast in the canals and the Broads. Hats off to you again, Dylan! I might let the youtube stabiliser have a go at the film to see if that can get rid of some of the wobbles — let me know. Hope the weather improves again before the end of the season. Thanks for considering helping that happen. On a recent visit to the UK I picked up a copy of one of the boating monthlies which had an article on two new designs of trailer-sailers.

Is there any chance you can continue,your Scottish journey in some fashion this year? You seem to have solved the sound problems — music in Pub sounded good!

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. I can truly appreciate the grind of sitting forever behind a screen to produce a video, but your efforts pay off in artistry. Keep the films coming, tap coming. Generally the idea is to make and post the seqson in the winter when more people get to see them but I thought I might pat the pot boiling a bit. I have just started to watch your videos, please can you tell me the order that it would make sense to watch them in?


Thanks Dylan, love the film.

Peterhead is classic overnighter for those heading North. I aim to end my sailing days — aged 85 plus — beebling around the Blackwater in Katie L. Great work Dylan, but so unfair, you get to do all this sailing!

KTL Longhope and Hoy « Keep Turning Left

I would with pleasure,but the east coast is to far away. Surprising lack of recent interest.

My sailing plans are on hold due to a pending eye operation then a haul out for repairs and maintenance. Do you think he needs a bigger boat? He was a genius, brave bloke but had rather signed up to the whole raft of Nazi ideas. Download in full HD. Hi Dylan, I was concerned that you had chucked the whole keeptrningleft and taken up growing roses instead. Will put a sheet of the folding stuff in the post so you can stock up with Hardtack keepturninglegt prevent any such an occurrence happening again.

They are everywhere among us — wanderers, adventurers, poets, romantics. Another well put together film D magical qualities to it, One of your best I would agree.