But later that night, soldiers come to the house. Another injured Ohju is delivered to Kazalm, this time it is a wild male who they decided to call “Eku. Meanwhile, Kahil was being ambushed by the Psi-Gamul, one of whom was Kirik. Archived from the original on September 8, Esal and the faculty decide to keep the Shin-Oh from finding out that Erin uses the harp to communicate with Eku and Lilan. Joh-on tells Erin about the king of beasts, the Ohju, and Erin’s interest in the Ohju begins to grow. Erin begins to feel like she needs to be more like other students, losing sleep, and comedically falling asleep during her welcoming party.

On the way to the swamp the group is spotted by two thieves named Nuk and Mok who decide to steal the eggs they find. Winter TV Production I. When Tairan goes to catch more fish, Erin realizes that the Tohda hasn’t been eating because it wants fish not goat meat. A recap episode on Erin’s stay at Kazalm; a four year time-skip where Erin is now 18 and a college student. Joh-on tells Erin about the king of beasts, the Ohju, and Erin’s interest in the Ohju begins to grow. But later that night, soldiers come to the house. Esal tells the other teachers how she and Tomura also tried to use the harp to communicate with Lilan, but Lilan would just stare. After listening to what seemed to be lies, Seimiyah comes to terms with the truth and decides what to do next:

Everyone at the Kazalm Ohju Breeding School has grown. Erin becomes afraid to get near to Lilan due to the incident.

To get the medicine from a neighboring village would take too long so Soh-yon decides to ask her clan, the Mist People, for the medicine using the hairpin Soju’s father bought and some of the village’s money as payment.

The poison will spread throughout her body in three days and kill her in a week. Erin’s friends, Kashugan and Yuuyan, are married and have 3 kids. When the Tohda ignores the fish in the water, Erin takes a risk and attempts to hand-feed it and is successful. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. As Ia-lu detains Dahmiyah, Dahmiyah reveals that there was a secret Touda army working kenono him and the Tai-Koh’s son Nugan was leading it.

Erin learns from her mother that at a certain age all Tohda in the village must have a lid called an “ear-web” that covers their ears cut off so that they can hear the Silent Whistles and be tamed, even the baby Tohda Lulu. Nah-Son tells Erin to restrain Lilan’s ability kmono fly, but Erin says that she will never stop Lilan from flying and will never tie her down with codes.


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Erin refuses to breed the Ohju for war, due to the fear of repeating the mistake of the First Shin-Oh Je. He rescues her and nurses her to health, as she attempts to cope with the loss of her mother.

He manages to convince the woman of breeding Ohju to attack Ophalon and show them that Tohda are no match for the Ohju. Add to My List. The Shin-Oh understands and lets Erin decide what’s best for Lilan’s family. Erin takes a quiz and fails it, so Erin and the others study hard so they can advance into high school at Kazalm.

Kemono no Souja Erin. Erin hears the thieves crying for help after they got stuck in the mud and spotted by a Tohda. They bring him into the shop and tend to his wound. Let us present to you the top 15 fantasy anime on MAL, based on their individual scores.

Retrieved December 7, Reminiscing in her memories, Erin doesn’t regret a single event that happened to her soujw the path of the Beast Healer.

While on the ledge, Erin and Joh-on witness a wild Tohda about to eat a baby Ohju. While climbing down a cliff, Joh-on slips and falls onto a ledge of the steep cliff. When the Tohda starts shivering the three go to see it and after smelling the cooked fish Saju has it goes berserk and attacks her, but Soh-yon subdues it with her whistle.

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episodf At a festival celebrating the Shin-Oh’s birthday, Ia-lu the Seh-zan, along with a baby Ohju, are injured by an assassin’s arrow during an attempt on the Shin-Oh’s life. However when the memories of the times she spent with Lilan came into her mind, she took up the courage and once again got close to Lilan. Erin and Joh-on both go to the capital to shop for supplies.

And as tradition states, Princess Seimiyah must take the throne. Lilan suddenly snaps and attacks the Tohda in a blind rage, deaf to Erin’s cries to stop. While cleaning his regular home, Erin finds out that Joh-on used to be a teacher. After listening to what seemed to epiaode lies, Seimiyah comes to terms with the truth and decides what to do next: The new teacher is a royal agent whose entire family was killed by Wajaku poison.


But while eating a rice cake, Soju, Shaju’s sister, suddenly falls ill. A Touda rider named Tairan from a neighboring village comes to the Village of Ake seeking medicinal help for his Touda who hasn’t been eating. Erin tells Ia-lu that the Tohda attacking the ship weren’t the Grand Duke’s because they didn’t have a mark on their tails.

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Is there a satisfying ending? He lunges it at Seimiyah and Shunan, only to be killed by Ia-lu. Dahmiyah learns of this, and decides to locate Ia-lu and kill him himself.

While the ceremony for ehg meeting of Kemobo is being performed to Dahmiyah and Seimiyah, Kirik and Ia-lu meet in the mountains to fight. Eku heals and goes out to the fields and meets Lilan. He tells Erin he had known Soh-yon and asks her to make a difficult decision. While watching Soju leave the village, Soh-yon wonders if Erin will do the same one day, but Erin smiles and says she will always be with her mother.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. On a rainy night, Soh-yon is summoned to the underground Tohda ponds. When he arrives at Eku and Lilan’s shed, he doesn’t find Ia-lu and leaves.

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Erin in incredibly upset when nno mother tell her and wonders if the Tohda are really meant to go to war. Semiyah notices Shunan who was in the fight, and fears for his life. The Grand Duke’s two sons’ paths finally diverge, with Shunan and Nugan taking their own paths after a duel. Professor Esal decides to let Erin take care of the baby Ohju Lilan after talking and observing her in action.

Also, she believes that the palace would use Erin’s ability to communicate with the Ohju for war purposes. The Grand Duke has a meeting with Damiya, and Damiya convinces him to not episodd allow his eldest son Shunan to ride a Tohda, but his youngest Nunan as well. It didn’t work, until she fell asleep and accidentally hit the harp under her blanket.