When a case of spring fever sweeps through the Hinata house, Keroro hatches a plan to take over the world with a wave of laziness. It’s up to Keroro to save the show! In part A, Keroro finds out Natsumi and Fuyuki have a health inspection on their school. He makes hurtful jokes at all of Tamama’s friends, and they all soon get revenge. Tired of Keroro’s lazy ways, Giroro has Kururu invent a ray to turn the sergeant from slacker to stickler. The platoon creates a plan to make their own hot spring by drilling to find water. Softglon of Terror” Transcription: Blood Violence Death Kill!

Natsumi and Giroro got a good, Fuyuki and Tamama didn’t put that much heart into making theirs and Koyuki’s riceball was too hard. Meanwhile, Fuyuki is stalked by Momoka, a girl who had come across Private Tamama, one of Keroro’s platoon members. The Messenger of Destruction” Transcription: The true culprit is later revealed to be Giroro, another member of Keroro’s platoon. In part A, the platoon snoops through the Tanabata wishes of the town. This page was last edited on 5 February , at In B, Natsumi is feeling grumpy, so she disallows all sorts of things. In part A, Keroro finds out Natsumi and Fuyuki have a health inspection on their school.

When a case of spring fever sweeps through the Hinata house, Keroro hatches a plan to take over the world with a wave of laziness.

Dororo, Saburo and Tamama find Mois beating up people and head to the Hinata’s house to investigate. That Delusion is Mine! Parent’s Classroom Visit” Transcription: Seeing Saburo in the audience, she gets too lovesick and makes a fool out of herself.

Jerseyman Fuyuki ” Japanese: Keronian of the Hidden Fortress” Transcription: In part A, Keroro perfects his shoulder massaging technique in order to gain Aki’s appreciation and pay. In part B, Natsumi takes in a bluebird and struggles to keep it safe. Fuyuki accidentally gets knocked out of the door, and is seen in his underwear by all the girls on the school.

He makes hurtful jokes at all of Tamama’s friends, and they all soon get revenge. Frog episodes season 1. He even tries other things to replace his belt but nothing works. The group runs after her to catch them attacking Natsumi’s friends. Koyuki spends New Year’s with the Hinatas, and quickly forms a deep bond with their grandmother.


In part B, Tamama was looking for the beetle he battled when he was at grandma’s meanwhile the Hinata’s residence was overrun by beetles until the super beetles challenge Tamama to a battle. They get chased into the boy’s changing room, where Natsumi can’t go. A mishap with Kururu’s latest inventions splits Giroro into seven parts of his personality. However, Koyuki is invited instead. Momoka gets a complete makeover to make Fuyuki like her more. Kululu is tired of being the most unpopular character in the show, so he decides to play some nasty tricks.

Sumomo and Keroro use hidden cameras to get a laugh out of Giroro’s feelings for Hinata, but their plan backfires when a powered-up Natsumi goes on a rampage. The Keroro platoon sets out to find a dangerous alien responsible for destroying hundreds of planets so Keroro can gain prizes and recognition.

In part A, Tamama wakes up, seeing his tail is gone. Giroro finds a cat getting wet in the rain and decides to keep it. Cow Flesh of Love! Keroro and Natsumi get into a heated debate over a very small problem.

Keroro sneaks into Fuyuki’s room and steals his Kero ball back. The platoon decide to go haunting at Natsumi and Fuyuki’s school for a new invasion plan, and the ghost comes too. Knowing this, the platoon invades the Health Inspection and punish the children in many ways.

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In part A, Giroro trains the platoon in the mountains, while Natsumi and Koyuki enjoy a school trip to the lake. Keroro comes across a stone that attracts bad luck, and must keep it and himself safe until guno owner arrives to collect it.

However, Natsumi, Aki, and the Keronians come along and thwart her plans. Giroro suspects that the reason behind Keroro’s lost interest in the Keroor invasion comes from a difference in humidity keroroo Earth and Keron. Along with Tamama and Kululu, Keorro and Fuyuki visit the landmarks from the special and discover the truth behind each landmark.


At the end the fight was staged because Keroro and Kogoro were friends since childhood. In part B, Fuyuki, Momoka, and the keroro platoon except for dororo and kururuget stranded on a deserted island. Turns out Kululu took it to show him that he indeed needed something to rely on and the cat found it for him. In part A, Keroro battles Natsumi for right to take a comfortable bath.

When Giroro hears that, he realizes what interests him the most and what he really wants to do Keroro, Tamama, and the Hinata family return to the mountains to visit their grandmother.

But people can come in from the outside normally. In part B, Tamama ponders a turtle going slowly down a country road he encounters during his training. The humidity attracts a Nyororo, a natural enemy of the Keronians, which feeds on all the moisture Keroro had absorbed and returns him to normal.

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Then another Mois walks into the scene. I Hardly Even Knew Her! To get the place prepared, he turns all of his friends into slaves. A Tiger Horse appears outside Keroros room whenever he opens the door. In part A, Keroro loses his voice, and his friends go overboard trying to dub in his dialogue. Otona no Kaigan Monogatari de Arimasu ” Japanese: The episodes of the Sgt. Horobi Yuku ka Ai no Hoshi yo!!

In part A, Koyuki asks Natsumi for a challenge to deepen their friendship, Keroro suggests a tennis match and that who ever loses has to curl their hair into an afro. When things were looking good a tiger horse attacked them, when Keroro looked at a childhood toy, his tramua turned on.

Keroro Killed The Radio Star! To The Death ” Transcription: How the West Was Run!