Kogoro decides to stay in Earth but it’s hard for him to find a job because of his weird actions and speeches. Miguel Ortiz as Paul Moriyama Spain dub. Carrie Savage as Angol Mois. Hiroshi Tamada 7 episodes eps , , , , , , Nobuyuki Tanaka as Member A ep Toshihiko Nakajima as Man ep Frog episodes season 2.

In part A, the Keroro platoon opens a hamburger store. Tokyo Anime Fair Blowout: Philippe Catoire as Narrateur 1st dub; eps Funimation Industry Panel Jul 1, In part B, Giroro gets faced with a moral dilemma when a typhoon gives him a prime opportunity to conquer Pekopon. In order to solve the debate, Keroro and Natsumi play a game where they themselves are the pieces. This ruins Keroro’s latest plan, and Mois works to get the cherry blossom petals back on the trees.

Katsumi Suzuki as Man ep Chiwa Saito as Natsumi Hinata. McDonald’s Japan to Launch Sgt. Leah Clark as Lavie.

Keroro Gunsou AFGS: Finally, Keroro Gunsou 4th Season episode is subbed!

Akeno Watanabe as Taruru. Yu Kobayashi as Yamada ep Jared Hedges Mix Engineer: Meanwhile, Keroro becomes jealous of Tamama when he discovers that his subordinate has been living a very pampered life at Momoka’s mansion. At the end the fight was staged because Keroro and Kogoro were dpisode since childhood. Ioanna Gkizas as Tamama.

Arabic staff Arabic companies none Broadcaster: Pascal Nowak as Dororo 1st dub; eps Not every manga series published in English will be a hit, but how often do the publishers themselves sell books at a loss? Giroro goes to everyone to ask what their hobbies are, but they’re total crap.


Not knowing what this means, he asks the other members of the platoon, and they explain he has become an adult. He immobilizes both Keroro and Fuyuki, but Natsumi easily overcomes the traps with her brute strength and knocks out Giroro. Kululu shows all of them a video of Mois’ keroroo which was supposed to be secret and a gift to her father.

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A Tiger Horse appears outside Keroros room whenever he opens the door. Yukitoshi Hori as Judge ep As the first new City Hunter movie in twenty years, this blast of ’80s future detective action is a welcome surprise on the big screen, but how has the material underneath aged?

Mary Joy Adorable as Natsumi Hinata. However, Keroro is worried that Santa Clause will be first to conquer the planet.

Jerry Jewell as Viper eps 74, Shelf Life – Magnificent Eleven Oct kerooro, Tomoko Kawakami as Fuyuki Hinata. Rescue Mission Till Death” Transcription: In B, Dororo gets angry at Keroro for leaving rice in his bowl.

Keroro Gunso 171

Netsuretsu Kangeiteki Ekaki Uta!! When Natsumi hears 117 Giroro trying to get a hobby, she teaches him that a hobby is what interests you the most.


Yoshiko Sakakibara as Momoka’s Mother ep Taisetsu na Hito o Mamoru ta me ni de Arimasu ” Japanese: Ayako Kawasumi as Maya Bobol. Peisode, Druaga, WitchbladeMore Mar 31, Yoshinori Fujita as Correspondent ep 1.

August September 4 Sep 4, Otakon – Funimation Jul 18, The Legendary blossom tree has a myth, saying that two persons standing under the tree will fall in love immediately.

This Week in Games – Reanimated Feb 21, Shinkai no Princess de Arimasu! Victor Entertainment Music Production Collaboration: Houchu Ohtsuka as Nevula. Aliens all over Pekopon are being abducted and a new girl is transferred to Natsumi’s group.

Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned when Keroro unexpectedly arrives. In part B, Dororo can’t turn off his trauma so he was put into a soul diver where Keroro, Tamama and Giroro went to fix the tramuas Keroro made.