The second round includes broken glass on the hands, but once again Tong Po proves to be too powerful. Scenery chewing Christopher Lambert has his wife hostage and blackmails him to fight a steroid addict who is the size of an elephant. Dimitri Logothetis, James McGrath. Views Read View source View history. Hinx in the James Bond film Spectre. Archived from the original on October 6,

Some directors make their presence felt in every frame of their films, while others operate in service of the stories and the stars. This is apparently a normal outcome for such illegal underground matches, whose high-stakes gambling spectators expect death or at least grievous bodily harm for their cash. Kurt is able to knock one of Tong Po’s swords out of his hands and throw one of his swords, slashing Tong Po in the face and the sword impales on the wall. Retrieved December 7, Joseph King Miles Strommen At the coroners, Kurt confronts Marcia, blaming her for what had happened to Eric.

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Liu also informs Wattona that she is having him investigated for corruption with the country’s authorities. That night, Crawford introduces Tong Po to the compound and Tong Po shows his strong he is when he uses simple knees and elbows to a statue that breaks.


As Kurt attempts to confront Marcia, he is stopped by police, who then escort him first to meet Master Durand, Eric’s Muay Thai trainer, who gives him Eric’s money from the fight and then to the airport.

Who are killing who and why?

Jean Claude Van Damme returns as his trainer who is now blind and he just sleepwalks throughout his scenes. However, he ends up staying. He is there because the ones responsible want him to face a 6’8″ lbs. This page was last edited on 29 Januaryat Retrieved October 5, Twin brothers are separated when their parents are murdered but 25 years later they re-unite in order to avenge their parents’ death. Share this Rating Title: Retaliation ” on Amazon.

Reviewed online, San Francisco, Aug. With mistreatment there etc.

However, after a confrontation in the rain, Durand sees determination in Kurt and decides to train him. English, Thai dialogue Official Site: Dimitri Logothesis said that the film will be dedicated to Darren’s memory.

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Discovering Kurt has pointed a gun to him, Tong Po tells Kurt that his brother was brave and a warrior where Kurt is a coward. However, suspecting Liu may have other plans, Wattona sends some thugs to deal with Liu and Kurt. Our favorite trailers of the week include another round of “Let it Go” and a talking Pokemon.


Anyway, it’s literally one gilm scenario after another, and although some of them are ok, it just gets repetitive and boring. As they are stopped on the street, Kurt and Liu are confronted by the thugs but Kurt is able to fend off the thugs with his martial arts skills.

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In Development – Kickboxer 3D”. Later that night, Kurt telies up and finds Tong Mwgyarul. Kurt still gets knocked down, but finally has the determination to take on Tong Po. At a celebratory event at the Sloan Gym, fight promoter Marcia arrives and invites Eric to go to Thailand to fight in an underground match. Retrieved September 23, The film has a similar premise as the first film in the franchise. Vengeance Theatrical release poster. Kurt is warned to leave Thailand and never come back.