The killer regretted for mistaking the diver and cried. Hajime points out that somebody disguises the name of Inspector Kenmochi in order to make his murders in progress. Inspector Kenmochi finds the driver of the minivan. But just at that moment, he is killed in the cave. Hajime and Miyuki go to an amusement park, but Miyuki carelessly makes a cup of coffee splashed onto a girl’s item, which leads to the latter’s anger. Hajime gets into a fight with Tachibana at a party.

An art appraiser gets attacked by someone within a heavily secured estate after receiving a warning notice about an art theft. But just at that moment, he is killed in the cave. After the dead body of the head magician reappears in a hotel room, Hajime discovers a clue hidden in a name and vows to put an end to the killings. Hajime tries to figure out the identity of the mysterious perpetrator and his motive. Two more successors get killed and the case becomes dangerous. His mate, Patricia O’Brian, was also there.

Later he tells the waiter that the latter has done a half murder before they arrived and the woman is sent to hospital. The classes of the school begin, but five students disappeared mysteriously after they leave the classroom. The female dealer is found dead in the 2nd floor of the hotel.

At the same night, Shin Li is found deceased at a room, with a big bloody crash on the wall. Upon arriving the headquarters of the iikenbo, they find a student named Ren Moroi gets poisoned, everybody is suspected of murdering him. At night of the same day, the art teacher is beaten with fragments of jikehbo lying beside him in a locked room. Hajime is injured by a geyser when investigating the black torii gate.

Akechi happens to meet Miyuki on a rainy day while Kindaichi is absent. The hotel owner reveals the story behind the guest who lived in the red room.


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Cormorant Village Murder Case” Transcription: One of the prospectors living inside the village is killed when everybody finds him. Hajime tries to solve the trick behind the locked room. Akechi has planned a detective game for Kindaichi. Hajime, Miyuki and the police are annoyed about Fumi being the hostage.

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The killer says that the motion behind this is to take revenge of her mother, who committed suicide in order to prevent Chan, Shin and Ivy to have the emglish found when the trio trying to get the “Venomous Dragon” from herself. There are also five Russian dolls inside the mansion. He figures out whom is behind the murders.

Sojo is killed in his room. Hajime solves the mystery and reveals the identity of the ghost captain, along with how the sinking of the Oriental is linked to the incidents. Hajime figures out that this is a murder case targeting the Shimomura’s. The truth takes center stage as Hajime reveals that the culprit did something during the play that proves they committed the returs. One of the rivals is found dead inside the Blood Pool Np, and everybody finds a message formed by the black-and-white chesses in the pool.

Itsuki brings Hajime and Miyuki to Amakusa in search of legendary treasure. In addition, two animated films were released on December 14, and August 21, respectively.

Hajime and Saki go for help but also see a girl that has the likelihood of Miyuki, enlgish Yang Ran, in the Kowloon Park.


Other treasure seekers also join in on the hunt. The killer who murdered the three mates is revealed.

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Ransom That Vanishes in Snow” Transcription: Hajime and Miyuki head to a hotel in Hakodate to help out with a case involving a threatening message against a theater company. Sanada becomes the englixh victim of the “Scorpion”.

Everybody found that Makoto Tojo was epixode, but they weren’t sure how the killer murdered him, since sharp objects were not allowed to bring into the fencing club. However, a member of the team is found killed later. Views Read Edit View history. A famous writer recently died and according to his will, his inheritance will be divided by his five successors.

Hajime and Miyuki take part in a mystery night held in an old castle. When a diver jumped off from the springboard, she was interrupted by Hajime’s words and lost her normal control before falling to the water with great splash.

The dead is identified as a female inspector from the Police Department. As a compensation, Shin takes the n to a clothes shop for a new dress. After finding Reika, the group is confronted with more bad news. Fate tied by blood hides behind it all. The five students are found as corpses in different condition around the school camp. After yet another murder by poison, Hajime explains the mystery to Masumi, who feigns ignorance.