So strong and the way she just layed it out for Jae Ha rocked. I slept with Hang Ah” and i was hotdayum. AnnMichelle April 25, at 9: A USB with a video of him apologizing? They didn’t sound American to me. He holds her up and pleads with her to recognize him, and she ekes out the syllables of his name. He gets to the bed and then realizes how close they are, and looks away.

By sugarplum Started April 23, Shi-kyung and Jae-shin are so cute! Sign in Already have an account? I’d take one look at those eyes and throw myself at him so I guess I’m not as awesome as Hang-ah. That picture is hilarious. Yes, that ‘my destiny’ bit was giggle-worthy and giggle I did! Saima April 26, at

The King 2 Hearts

I see hearhs more of a 2nd protagonist now rather than a side kick. The expressions from both of our boys slay me. Did anyone notice his eyelashes? He might’ve walked pass that border with his balls of steel but when it came to Hang Ah he is the defeated 5 year old.

Even right now kingg I’m typing this I’m smiling from ear to ear! He says he did prepare something, and Shi-kyung enters with the present. Puahhaha — i was totally onboard with Hang Ah when she said those flowery products wasn’t gonna win her back. Well, no argument there. Say you trust him! Man, HA really cut JH down to size.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Correct me if i am wrong, but didn’t the spoilers from the last episode showed Bong gu in North Korean army uniform? Maybe Jae Shin can write a special bodyguard manual for our earnest boyscout. But soon, after she saves his life of course, I want that boy to grovel.


Prev Next Page of But there’s something else about it I can’t put my finger on. Well royalties normally have a take charge attitude so it makes sense. Jeon Gook Hwan Supporting Cast. I can think of a lot of things to put in there How else to officially deem him king, not just literally but figuratively?

I knew he smelled fishy. HA will fit right in with them But its Jae Ha His facial expressions are just naturally conveyed.

I love that the knight in this story is Hang-ah! I’m dying to find out what’s lying underneath. Bad ass crime solver by day, goofy guy looking for love by night.

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Kim Yoonmi April 26, at 6: He grins like a fool. Jae-ha just tells him and his secret service agents to flee if they do.

Advisors and secretaries kiny supposed to go around tossing our threats, making demands and dishing out ultimatums to their bosses or the symbolic leader of the country, in this case.

Community hasn’t filled out any information yet. The moment he put that case on the desk, popped it open and starting loading As GF said, he’s a man of steel balls!

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He walks up and puts out his hand, but Dad squarely ignores him. But Secretary Eun pulls out the ace eplsode his pocket: Even during that scene at the van with Jae Shin when he hdarts forcing her to recognize him, his face was all red and his voice was trembling And I could feel all those conflicting emotions through her acting alone last night.


Yum Dong Hun Supporting Cast. Share this dramacrazyy Link to post Share on other sites. Raine April 25, at 8: I cannot stop laughing looking at the king’s expression. My funniest scenes are: I just read ur comment about the chicken picture! And the power play with PM as redeeming act? Yeni Ulloa April 25, at 8: My first reaction to this episode was a smile I couldn’t supress everytime Shi Kyung was on the screen especially with the princess.

It was about HER not him, it was her guilt of not being able to save their child that she needed to air out. Him not talking allowed for it. Jae-ha knows the call is for him and takes it. Him kiny danger would do that in a hot minute! He innocently asks if she wants to be moved to her bed, only to realize that would mean a whole lot of touching, and he stands there frozen.