Wait, didn’t you want a marriage ending similar to one of the Amagami SS arcs? This could’ve been better if he didn’t end up with Chisato, but it was a really great anime overall. Pay no attention to those details. Anonymous- I think so much hype was focused on the crazy election and the crazier kids running people over the “love” interests were barely focused on. Yuuki X Chisato ending Damn, this school is too serious. To end on a positive note, Michuri was quirky and adorable.

Overall, this anime was quite good and the “childhood friend” ending is quite a rare sight among the animes I’ve watched though I think that it is unlikely to get a 2nd season seeing as the election is already over and Yuuki is the president but who knows? We got cute girls and tons of crazy threatening situations! Bundle 2 5 years ago. I am even more overjoyed at the kiss was executed. Everything is better with yaoi sticks! You know I thought Risara was hot and Mina kind of dull and was fine with the Risara ending After everything that happened, after how Ryosuke actually seemed honorable and virtuous and not just a pervert

That’s why I like Dakara more than this show xD no childhood friend ending ftw. Probably because I enjoyed the anime, or at least tried to enjoy the anime.

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We need to make them make an OVA for this series with the other character’s endings. But it was literally Oojima running all over the place.

I don’t have any complains with the way Oojima chose Chisatao however, well we know Osananajimis almost always end up together, something to do with nihon-psychology I guess. Anyway, but Risara just pissed me off at the end.


I mainly see the animes I don’t see how there can be a second season of this. For an ending, I expected far more intriguing events than Oojima just running around. Doudemo ii Anyway, kinda disappointed with the way the anime chocolatte. I wonder where was the announcement of this change? This anime was brilliant but disappointing!

At last we have one more anime where the osana-najimi wins the guy. For once, I thought I saw 13 episodes and thought okay, two episodes will be enough to pull a episodw ending.

This series ended for me after episode 8. Still, I guess animators, and voice actors need money, so this anime fulfills its purpose for the industry. I’m guessing the ratings of “generic harem anime ” are chocolatf to “meh”, which guarantee that the creators won’t be encouraged to make another season. That’s the frigging sweetest dream ever. The double agent reporter’s onna and otoko role, and then those tears were pointless time wasting insert more rage ingredient we could really do without.

As much as I have a bunch of information to share about anime announced recently I cannot share it in news board, and the anime series is too disorganized and chaotic to share information except with people already interested in the particular series. But it was all over the place in the end. What do all those words say?! In the end, it seems Yume and Non-chan were the two best characters in the anime. How could he do Satsuki like that?

Since I’m fond of story about childhood friend.

I hated Mashiro-iro Symphony just for that. She was way better than any childhood friend could ever be! ColourPop x Hello Kitty!

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Would have preferred anyone else other than Chisato to be honest, like others have said, the obvious girl wins ending is a little too cliche for me. To end on a positive note, Michuri was quirky and adorable.


I learned japanese just to play the VN and get my Airi route. The serious is really sinking in the series much more now than ever. About Me Christina i am a pretty opinionated person and have ruffled a few feathers in my life.

Maybe this can be one of my motivations to learn Japanese too. I am glad they made the right decision with Chisato. Although airi was good but i think miu was more mature and charming then any other mashiro symphony character!

Ti being the president and dating his childhood friend, I don’t really like her though but since this is the end I don’t care anymore.

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I don’t get why the lowly notesI found myself very enjoyed after watching these seriesit was amazing especially that it far exceeded my expectations.

BBCode Modified by shanimebib, Sep 27, I’m late all the time so don’t worry. BBCode I mainly see the animes An episode of words and Loved ,oi from first ep till the end.

Kou Duffy Archive 2 years ago. There are many good girls around him, and he still choose that psycho girl.