Opprime-G1 June 9th , 4: Some stores carry old Micro Changers, and I just print out your sigs and go hunting. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Furthermore, Lego has 16, Mega blocks has ish different figures in a case, while this has only 6. Shin-Gouki August 13th , 2: There’s also some parts swapping it seems. Not sure why you’d think that. And they couldn’t use the name Slipstream here for whatever reason, so Slipstrike was the best alternative they had.

Spinister is a crazy choice that turned out excellent in both modes, and the double-barreled gun he has is an incredibly-cool homage to his G1 Targetmaster gun. I don’t get it. Yeah maybe I’m a bit anal retentative or something, probably related to OCD, but I kind of like all unique codes for all Kreons meaning that you’d have number’s 00 to 86 The last number used by Joe Series 1. Find someone to split them since there are 2 full sets in a box. I went to another Target closer to Columbus and they also had them. Even if a character has only been released as a regular Kreon and not a Micro Changer, I consider them done. For those in Jersey and Pennsylvania, order whatever you can from Amazon.

Don’t do Kre-o, but mcro avoid getting those guys. For the pre-Transformers toyline, see Micro Change. Skip to secondary content. Not only did it take several months for waves 2 and 3 of the blind packs and the new combiners to reach this area, but the Times freakin’ Square TRU had nothing!

I saw shelf tags for the micro changers at Target. All-in-all, this is a promising beginning to chanvers Kre-o Transfomers Micro-Changers blind bags line. Shin-Gouki August 13th2: Not sure why you’d think that. This should be an easy series to collect your favorites from provided that stores near you still sell Transformers Kre-O blind bags. They use number codes as well that are easily cracked.


Kreon Micro-Changers In-package pics plus how to identify blind packaged Kreons – Transformers

Who or Scooby Doo, have codes? Transforming Kreons are known as Micro-Changers. TCJJ August 1st5: ZacWilliam June 9th6: Noideaforaname January 12th6: Anyone who has seen these in the wild please let us know! Guess you must have bought them even before me! TRU was pretty deserted at the time I was there — around 7. These affiliate advertising programs are designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to those affiliated sites. Feralstorm August 13th3: For those in Jersey and Pennsylvania, order whatever you can from Ckdes.

The stupid part, and thankfully for us, is the fact that they have codes that can Identify them. I know for sure it was on a Nemesis Prime pack. Just because I’m insanely picky and probably obsessedcan anyone please tell me what the five preceding numbers are vodes wave 3?

I ,reon them to complete the and toy releases. Almost by accident, I found the rest of wave 2 at a Burlington Walgreens on rte. Micro-Changers are a subgroup from the brick-based world of Kre-O. I personally haven’t ever seen them at my Target, and Wal-Mmart has something against Hasbro as of late, little to know Hasbro products. Hit up BBTS if you can’t find them. That was it for wave 2. The only place I can find them is ToysR’Us but they never restocked, and Walgreens but they are still selling Wave 1 here.

They go from “50” to “61”, and you can just look at the back of the bag, as they match up perfectly. He also passed along to us this helpful guide to the codes on the baggies to help you identify the Kreon inside: Four Kreons per pack combine into one larger robot.


DecepticonSpike May 17th Kaseycuyler Great shots of the collection! Just feel the bags for the specific pieces. I saw wave one at Walgreens but where else? Hasbro made a cldes miscalculation when they devised their Transformers Kre-O line of toys in —they assumed people were going to want the actual construction sets.

CODE NUMBER LIST: Transformers Kre-O Micro-Changers Preview Series

Kreon Micro-Changers In-package pics plus how to identify blind packaged Kreons Posted by mattwhite on July 17th, 8: This page was viewed 1 times on Tuesday, February 26th Not sure how Bulkhead looks exactly like Hound except for 2 pieces, but whatever.

LegendAntihero January 10th8: Thanks to Hasbro’s screwy shipping habits, that seems to be what you need: Mcro Items on eBay.

Unless manufacturing moves to somewhere near the Atlantic, we’re just going to have to deal with the extra wait. KreonFiend October 14th4: Hey guys, I noticed something different with the codes, but found no info on it. These things have got to be the ckdes to make… is it too much to hope the waves will just continue until every Transformer ever has a Kreon?

Since reading your post, I too chanbers seen these shelf stickers appear at my two local Targets. This article is about the Kreons with alternate modes. I was in Dayton weeks ago and the Fairborn? Maybe a really nitpicky thing to get cheesed off at, I’ll freely admit that, it can’t be helped. The combiners have made me catch Kreon fever along with my son.