Meanwhile, Reishin has started plans to gather all the Master Roots under the protection of the Kaionji Group, with the assistance of Daichi Kuraki. Keita and Kuro now understand that Reishin always sought to protect Kuro from becoming one of the three Masagami and contributing to the destruction of the world. Lists of anime episodes. As she walks, Kuro stops and bids a tearful farewell to Keita, still back at the apartment but he contacts and bonds with her through synchronization, cheering her up. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The two Noble One operatives disclose information regarding the death of Keita’s mother when they show a photo of her supposedly in a covert operation conducted in Okinawa under the command of Hiyou , bringing Keita bad memories regarding the death of his mother years ago as a child.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Keita is kidnapped from the streets of Tokyo by Mikami Hojo in order to lure in Kuro. As the trio continue to enjoy their Okinawa vacation, Hiyou and Shinobu Nanase arrive in Okinawa as well, preparing for another mission to locate the Tera Stone. Views Read Edit View history. The two clash with Kuro and Keita who are able to defeat Aragi using their newly found Exceed skill. They seem to get the upper hand, however, as Mikami attempts to deliver the final blow, Reishin causes an explosion, leading to Mikami’s defeat.

The stone releases the Masagami, a dark entity that releases ghosts which are physical manifestations of malice. Archived from animatiln original on She tells him that she was responsible for killing Keita’s mother because of her miserable life, hoping for improvement after becoming a Animatiln Root by making a contract with Hiyou. It was until Keita, finding out that his teacher Tsubota is a covert Tribal End agent, realizes that Kuro was right all along, thus teaming up with her to defeat Tsubota, after he initially gains the upper hand against Kuro, due to peisode of synchronizing properly with Keita.

Steiner faces off against Kuro in a one-on-one match, to the point where the two Tera Guardians show off their Exceed skills and place the match evenly, however Steiner later subdues Kuro for the count due to his superior skills against her.

Excel, along with Steiner, sees Keita and the others at the airport, as she gives epixode her Thousand as a gift to help him fight alongside Kuro. The people on the mainland appear to have only fainted, drained of their Tera. Excel warns the others when they arrive that Reishin now has a Contractee.

Kurokami Episode 16 [English Dubbed] – Dailymotion Video

Hiyou appears at the airport and fights Kuro before he decides to retreat. Daichi Kuraki begins his plans to establish his own brand of utopia throughout whole world.

Initially, they seem to be outmatched against Reishin and Akane, but as the battle continues, Keita’s Thousand and Kuro’s Exceed attacks appear to give them an advantage. Kuro voices her objections to Kuraki’s plans, saying the Doppeliner System is not a weapon to be used. With her powerful electrical energy, she joins the other two Masagami in attacking Reishin.


Keita is kidnapped from the streets of Tokyo by Mikami Hojo in order to lure in Kuro. Kuro and Keita assist Yakumo to escape while Yuki and Akane evacuate in the helicopter, but it malfunctions, crashing into the sea. Kuro tells Keita how she came to Earth, revealing her origins as the princess of his tribe and the tragic history of her tribesmen after Reishin was told by her mother that he could alter the destiny of the world, leading it either to prosperity or to its doom.

Keita and Kuro leave the cave with Shinobu’s body and encounter Kuraki before Keita collapses, coughing up blood. However, the three are ambushed by Tribal End bikers sent to apprehend Kuro and eliminate Keita and Akane.

However, they begin to regenerate as Kuro awaken and she is revealed to be the third Masagami. However he undergoes rebirth with his Tera Energy now doubled, enabling Kuro to defeat Raiga with a massive Exceed attack.

Kurokami Episode 16 [English Dubbed]

As the exhausted Keita struggles to understand Akane’s motives, Reishin reveals that Akane chose to join him of her own free will. Keita now has some new problems with Kuro, regarding the concept of Synchro, as he felt his entire kurokqmi had changed after Kuro issued the Contract. Suddenly, the Pure Place island appears near Japan, and people without Contracts with Tera Guardians collapse all over the world, leading to chaos with a near breakdown in society.

Keita Ibuki is currently a high school student living alone in Tokyo while being assisted by his father, who remits money for his allowance, and daily visits by his old childhood friend Akane Sano after his mother dies from an encounter with her own Doppeliner as a young boy.

As she walks, Kuro stops and bids a snglish farewell to Keita, still back at the apartment but he contacts and bonds with her through synchronization, cheering her up.

Excel asks Mikami Hojo to form a commercial Contract to avenge Steiner. The story behind the first encounter between Excel and Steiner is explained. Once at the mansion, the two Tera Guardians challenge each other to a fistfight. Keita and Kuro vow to destroy the Doppeliner System because of the many lives it has sacrificed.

Keita, by chance, encounters Shinobu, his mother’s double, who attempts to steal his Tera Energy. Later episodes were episode on a week-by-week basis; the entire series is currently available to watch online on YouTube.

In a series of flashbacks, Kuro looks back at her journey from living with her family, meeting and forming animstion Contract with Keita, to returning to the Pure Place; Akane looks back from her time of residing with Keita to forming a Contract with Reishin and the destruction of the Masagami.


Both use their Exceed moves in order to overpower each other and gain an advantage, but Mikami loses the match when her Sub Contractee Shingo collapses and dies, due to health complications from synchronizing with Mikami, having caused him to rapidly age.

After seeing the splitting image of someone with the same looks as his kudokami mother, Keita visits a ramen shop when Kuro shows up with her pet dog Punipuni.

After Kuro receives her ramen from Keita, she is severely attacked by an unknown assailant who was ordered to capture Kuro alive at all costs, despite Keita trying to stop him.

Kuro, Keita, and Akane head to Okinawa, staying with Keita’s grandfather in order to confirm whether Keita’s mother had really died when he was young or not and what to epidode in the island. Steiner is unable to defeat Reishin, and so he uses one of his clones to carry the unconscious Excel outside to safety.

Reishin, is shown on the Pure Place where he has reverted to his former appearance. However, Keita finally awakens and unleashes his full potential enabling Kuro to defeat the attempted infiltration by the Kaionji Group. Meanwhile, Nam heals Yakumo by altering his flow of Tera in exchange for food, in defiance of her observer status.

Keita and Kuro manage to defeat the Mototsumitama with some help from PuniPunibut are then trapped in a towering plant. After Reishin’s disappearance, the Chairman of the Kaionji clan announces that Yuki Kaionji is to be engaged to Kuraki who will become Vice-Chairman, to the disgust of the Kaionji children.

The Masagami pair then attack Keita, but Reishin intercepts them. Meanwhile, Excel and Mikami find Reishin, and they engage in battle against him, motivated by the deaths of their respective dubbde Contractees, Steiner and Shingo.

Kuro encounters Yakumothe ex-ward of Reishin before he massacred most of his tribal clan, in the streets of Tokyo with his new contractee named Riona Kogure. Produced by Sunrise and directed by directed by Tsuneo Kobayashi[1] [2] the series had an advance screening of episode 1 on December 27, before it began broadcasting on TV Asahi on January 8, Suddenly, Keita and Kuro are attacked by Kohaku and Tenma. Raiga reveals that he killed Kakuma to access the Pure Place and gain the energy required to battle Reishin.

The show centers on Keita Ibuki, who is portrayed as a high school student instead of episoee computer programmer from the manga, being drawn in a secret conflict concerning the Mototsumitamas.