Nawa o, they know better. Some men are terrible. Yoruba men are diabolical and evil,i believe this lady. He has done ‘fear’ on his body, nobody can challenge him. People are facing a lot in this our so called entertainment industry, harassing and cheating people, and all you could come up is this? I was eventually able to speak with his assistant who sympathised with me and then told me that little or nothing could be done about the matter.

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? The Olasco is truly the biggest name when it comes to film marketing and a feared one at that, so I can understand her pains. Today, the Ijebu, Ogun State-born Yewande has produced a lot of blockbusters and award winning movies including Kuru Kuru that featured Odunlade Adekola and other super stars. Be there asking stupid questions and making senseless comments. But he tried to swindle her. We are talking about money and you are talking about complexion. You will cry blood when the time comes and no one will ever hear your cry. Akeem leave her alone nd pay her the money.

And the way they operate in that dre field ehn, he can make it impossible for her to work with other marketers in the field through his connection and dres nothing she can do about it.

Maybe it’s because i refused to date you even after all these years, that is why you are strongly determined to destroy me. May my God reward you accordingly.

LAteef Oladimeji Movie Theater. How I wish women can learn to support each other in all facet of life.

I have been hearing about Olasco Films. I do not even have a car of my own. By stella dimokokorkus – 9: He only paid her 1m for that movie not knowing it would be a hit.


Kurukuru Part 2 – Latest Yoruba Full Movie 2015 Drama Premium – YouTube

U can judge from one side, lets hear d his own side of the story before judging. See more of Yoruba Actors and Actresses news on Facebook. My beautiful fans and fellow Nigerians all over the world, please help me tell this man to leave me alone oooooooooo if movvie does not want the wrath of God to descend on his entire household.

Stranger 30 September at He is very influencial in the yoruba movie market, so it is almost a waste of time to report kuurukuru to anyone there.

Kurukuru – Latest Yoruba Movie 2015 Drama

I thought as much too Stella, why would she continue despite his cunny according to hermaybe because he’s popular and she thinks it’s better with him But some people sef. Oh Stella lemme run, someone is at the door Because of his connections, she may have decided out of cowardness to stay put and stand on her feet first. Now this is mu advice to you, You need to be very prayerful as this man may want to hit you back in any possible way now that you have shouted out. He Enslaves people, yet you gave him the room to enslave you.

Must you be always tribalstic. When I shot Omo Elemosho, I thought that was all but after then, Kudi Klepto came and this is something totally different from Omo Elemosho and I went ahead and it was a success. This man is a wicked and diabolic man. Being an actress, I feel normal because it is just like other white collar professions such Doctor, Lawyer and what have you. And one more thingstop acting in just anyhow movie like ota ile.


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Won ko beru atunbotan. Some men are terrible. So this Olasco is just big for nothing? Nawa o, they know better. Poverty stricken idiot, married and still begging about. I know you are tough but my God is tougher than you.

He prefers verbal agreements. How can you ever enter into a contract with someone without a written agreement? She produced them but asked him to market for her. I decided to keep mute about everything since last year, because i do not like to fight anyone or make noise over anything whatsoever.

If anything bad happens to me, Nigerians, please hold Akeem Olatunji Balogun responsible. As much as I blame her too for continuing after all what she said she encountered, but saying a person trying to make a living doesn’t have’self worth’ is out of point,biko!!

He’s been owing you yet you continued doing business with him. I do not even have a car of my own. It came out goruba because the acceptance was overwhelming. But because Funke already had a prior agreement of that amount, she couldn’t do anything.