He mistakenly hugs various girls and calls them all Hanae. It is a story of girl who works as an English teacher and dreams of moving to New York, but unexpectedly, she encounters a handsome monk, and the story begins. I had major issues with the ending, can you tell? Your email address will not be published. Yuto is silly-boyfriend material, for fun whilst Yu is life-long-companion material. At a job interview she meets Hyuga Toru, So why are we supposed to think that her heart fluttered for the younger man, but not the older man?

She does feel dejected that Mushi has forgotten her after just a year and wonders if the same will happen with Yuto. O Anyways, Hayase is so pretty. He ends with that and strides towards the kitchen to bring out dinner for Hanae. She realized something after getting a text from Yuto, as much as she wanted to forget Yuto she was secretly waiting for him to contact her. Fukushi Sota Tanokura Yuuto. Taguchi Junnosuke Ooshiro Sou.

He mistakenly hugs various deama and calls them all Hanae. Yu would have been a better choice IMO. She gets a text from Ichika wanting to meet Yu and help Hanae make a decision.

Kyô wa Kaisha Yasumimasu

I rushed to finish the last 3 as soon as I saw the subs were up. We should have seen them cohabitting properly while learning to share all their feelings, loves and fears. Thanks so much for this recap! Talk about trading up LOL. Hanae steps into the elevator and wonders if she started liking Yuto after he said that he liked her, in the elevator when he kabedon-ed her and asked her to give him a chance. The next number is announced as 51 and she just misses out on that prize.

When she wakes up the next morning, she finds a naked Yuto sleeping next to her. Full Cast and Crew. Hanae is back to serving everyone and hears the other employees asking Yuto what he has planned after he leaves the company.


Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu Final Episode 10 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

At a job interview she meets Hyuga Toru, I just finished this drama. Did they ever have a conversation about these things other than the one where he talked about wanting to be a translator? Yu tells her to go get some wedding cake since he hears that people who are not happy need to eat more. Nothing against the first male lead, just not satisfying for me. Hanae has a fantasy with Yuto arriving at the airport to a gaggle of girls with ponytails and eyeglasses welcoming him.

Even when Hanae and Yuto go on to date, it is a daily process of trial and error because everything is a first for Hanae, including an amusement park date, a sleepover, Christmas Eve or a couple’s trip.

Ryusei and Hitomi safely kiss and are declared husband and wife. Yu wonders if So never thought to give Hanae happiness himself? The final was going to irritate me as much as Last Cinderella did.

Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu Final Episode 10 Recap

She glances over at Yuto and wonders what he da planned? Shinigami kun TV Mini-Series Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list. Learn how your comment data is processed. Be the first to create a discussion for Kaixha wa Kaisha Yasumimasu.

I felt her stubborness instead of her heart won out in the end. Hanae listend to far too much advice from others, none of whom even the married familly members were fit to advise. Aoishi Hanae is a plain, inconspicuous office lady who has had no experience in love and no boyfriend. Then maybe a reunion with Yuto, where they realize the kaiha of breaking up, even though it was painful at the time, was the best for the both of them… Anyway.


He would appear with the signature phrase ” Hanae wonders how much Yuto has changed after living in the US for a year? What was Yuto even studying? Ichika gushes over Yu to Hanae and is shocked to see Hanae bantering so comfortably with a hasumimasu. Add me to the disappointed.

Edit Storyline Aoishi Hanae is a plain, inconspicuous office lady who has had no experience in love and no boyfriend. Hanae chalks it up to them being friends but Yu takes it a step further as a romance based on friendship is even stronger.

It also deviated so significantly from the still ongoing manga there leaves room for a different process and outcome in the original medium, though all signs point to the manga eventually ending along the same vein as the live action series.

Hanae might be alone for the rest of her life and never meet a better guy than Yu. Hanae claims to already have forgotten Yuto. Boss hilariously falls out of his seat as Hanae runs back to rejoin the group. I like the kyu male characters but for me Hanae was more herself with Yu, she said what she tought. I can still recall the scenes after reading the kaishaa. She must feel the same about him, yes?