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Rivir’e Froide, LJgi rviciue tii firsi by. Destructive birds, and larger game birds would not be given Government protection by such a law, but harmless, decorative or useful varieties would definitely be vtabuy for hunters. Other leading hotels have special dinner dansants once or twice a week. Triumph, sorrow, and the struggle of a people jonas nosile vieuxbourgeois picture abc tv herby, jazz and haitian music by arnold antonin.


Digital Library of the Caribbean. He confes- ses he is Itedching himself Creo- le in Miami. Haitian jack hiphop miniseries in the works exclusive. Continued from Page 1 There arc six daily papers in Port-auiPrince alone, and each is vigorously sounding its political tune.

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This point of view which we share completely with Elie Fau- re, is at the root of the decision which Mrs.

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La Caviota new qas station Sinclairl at La- town. Visitors should not miss an opportunity to hear Haiti’s internationally known male Dejean Choir which per- forms at Hotel Ibo Lele on Fri- day evenings during the Sea- son. We, as well as everyone in Haiti, want you to have a very pleasant and enjoyable stay In this lovely and hospitable Island.