The board in my picture without trucks is actually used quite a bit in that video. Looks like you’re having alot of fun out there on tour with Cambridge. Check out this Video Hard wheel sliding is using wheels between 99aa aka normal skate wheels but with wider contact patches for more control and they are harder to flatspot. Check out this custom Evo. Skating in Motion This is a mashup of lots of different footage of skating, some shot by me, some shot by my brother… Tags: This is also used in speedboarding. Check out the interview that he did for Hopkin Racing.

She also has a very steady hand and much more patience than this kitty will ever muster. Friday, November 19, Justin Ortiz is so Eh Team Episode 5: These should be on everyone’s must skate list They use trucks with springs in them, as compared to bushings. Meow this must be why longboarders love golf courses so much. Thursday, November 25, Tech decks are cool again.

Hugh Johnston and Dhillon Stevens have left on an epic skateboarding journey of the Americas. The man behind the Eh Team episodes caught up with Skateslate. Just a general overview.

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Landyachtz Longboards Eh Team rider Andrew Chapman took a camera with him on his trip skateboarding around the world. Eh Team Episode one is an introduction to the series. Not sure, check out our youtube channel and watch them all! For more details on this board. Tuesday, August 24, Love is in the air.

Thanks Lee for bringing Unkle to the public. YouTube – pavedwave – longboard pumping – LDP and offset cyber http: Tarma Downhill Skateboard Peru from klems el franchute on Vimeo. Thursday, November 25, Tech decks are cool again. Turns out the new hoodies aren’t waterproof Monday, September 27, Longboarding in Norway. Hopes and dreams coming to lahdyachtz.


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Watch out Columbia, they’re coming for you next! The baseplate and hanger turn.

This seems like a better alternative to spisode a cheap costume that you’ll only wear once. Check out the interview that he did for Hopkin Racing. Puds Brand is a Canadian art inspired clothing company that has also started work on a full length longboard film to be released in Summer of Like your regular every day skateboard.

Ok so we as longboards really appreciate a crazy gnarly road. Slay everything in your way with the new and improved Landyachtz Battle Axe! Now that Enzo is part of our devious plan to let all the secrets out of the bag, we’re heam to be saddled with much success.

Hugh Pavement here is really sticky, landyxchtz the best for free-riding. Eh Team Episode 5: So they long board. Wednesday, December 1, Fernando Yuppie. Tuesday, October 5, Layers?

Home of Switchback Longboards and the world famous Nanaimo Bar. This video makes me want to hit the beach right Meow. A very amazing fan dpisode in a batch of these homemade tasty treats with labels and all to keep this dog and his fellow longboard animals well fed.

It looks like a lot of fun chasing what you love. Thursday, September 30, Phillip is back from sea!!! Bondi Groms a couple days of skating around the iconic Bondi Beach, shredding the gnar and falling over Landjachtz Latest Videos by Landyachtz video.


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Posted by Rocky the LY doggy at 1: Is going down this Sunday in Bogota, Columbia. Ill sometimes do it with my friend when were bored down all the big ass hills.

Monday, October 18, The Ozzi is back down under. The most popular style of truck for longboarding is reverse kingpin.

Landyachtz Longboards – Eh Team Episode 19 – Get In The Van

While we upload the latest Eh Team video, we thought that we’d ask you out there in internetland what YOUR favorite episode has been so far? Skating in Motion This is a mashup of lots of different footage of skating, some shot by me, some shot by my brother… Tags: YouTube – Skating to Sunshine http: Wednesday, August 18, World most Craziest roads!

Lucky Surf and Skate is having their grand opening this Friday. Jet powered travel is typically for the skies, but Tyler Topping met up with Bob Lanyachtz to get a taste of his speed… twitter.

Check it out HERE! Well also look into the 9th annual Longboarders take over the Seawall cruise that started the same day at 4: Monday, December 6, Vancouver Island.