Will Kushaan reconcile with Lavanya? Sign in Recover your password. Kabir suspects Pratik, Lavanya and Kushaan to be behind Prem’s assassination, and investigates the case. What will Prem and Lavanya do now? The sweetness from the peach liqueur combined with the tartness from the cranberry juice makes for a refreshing beverage. The Swaika family performs puja in the house. Kabir’s associate finds Trisha’s dress near the beach.

She becomes sad on recalling Trisha. Who is Trisha’s offender? Amrita refuses to reconcile with Pratik, and expresses her hatred for him. Ep 57 Amrita becomes sad on recalling Trisha. Ep 13 Lavanya organises a press conference. Amrita says Kabeer if he had not come, she would have got Trisha back. He becomes shocked on learning that Kushaan is aware of his affair with Lavanya.

Amrita and Pratik become shocked on receiving 23rdd phone call from Trisha’s kidnapper. For more videos, subscribe to Congress Party channel: It aims to filter and provide news-on-the-run for an impatient new generation.

Bobby reminds Amrita of Trisha’s relationship with Swati. Thank you for finding out about this Natural Beauty Products Video.

She takes Meghan and Bobby to the Swaika house. Watch Logistics to be the backbone of economic activity of India: Sara Ali Khan was in the news a lot recently for a picture where she was all packed up to leave her mom Amrita Singh’s house. Lavanya organises a press conference. Lavanya asks him to stop shouting and asks where was he when Amrita and Trisha needed him most and what did Amrita do that he left her and went to enjoy with Neha in a hotel room, says he is wrong.

How to recover deleted files from pendrive and sd card or computer telugu How to recover deleted files from pendrive and sd card or computer telugutechtuts iSkysoft Data Recovery – http: We try to take out time from our work for our passion i. However, Kabir manages to save Amrita, and strives to free Trisha. Please follow me on Facebook: Sanjay Dhupa Mishra Music: Garnish with a skewered maraschino cherry and orange slice Please follow me on Instagram: Meanwhile, Lavanya installs a spy camera in Pratik’s cabin.


An anonymous caller informs Kabir that he murdered Prem. What will she and Pratik do now?

Kabir fails to free Trisha

He orders Prem to gather information about Kabir. Will the handwriting samples help Kabir in identifying Trisha’s offender? Bobby becomes suspicious of Vibhan. Lavanya intends to expand her business by impressing the investors. On the kidnapper’s order, Trisha asks Amrita to meet her at a specific location.

An infuriated Meghan informs Lavanya that Amrita is forcing her to attend the puja. He receives an anonymous call lut Trisha’s abduction.

Watch Laut Aao Trisha – 23rd October – Ep 69 (video id – e7c38) – Veblr

Kabir’s associate informs him that somebody has withdrawn money from Trisha’s account. Fulll then tries to drag Trisha in his car back, but Kabeer stops his car and starts beating kidnapper.

He calls commissioner and asks where is Amrita and if Kabeer did not inform where is he going. By Janta TV views. She says she could not fkll back Trisha. Amrita succeed in decoding the language mentioned in Trisha’s internet diary. Lavanya asks Amrita not to interfere in Meghan’s life. This is the Link: Pratik asks Lavanya why did not she help Amrita.


Laut Aao Trisha – 23rd October 2014 – Ep 69

Laut Aao Trisha – 12th August On Amrita’s insistence, Bobby narrates few incidents that he experienced with Trisha. A desperate Amrita is eager to bring Trisha home. Will Kabir be able to identify the caller? Kushant becomes upset with Pratik as he decides to appoint a new project supervisor.

Who is Trisha’s offender? We have launched this channel to provide entirely new and amazing Choreography of the latest songs in market with like never seen before. The Swaika family performs puja in the house. Ep 18 Kabir alerts Amrita that her family members are not trustworthy.

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Ep 17 Pratik recalls Trisha. The Synergies” is a Dance Troop based out in Chandigarh. Pratik vents his anger on Kabir for failing to free Trisha.