Left stick moves Torque forward, backward, left and right. Aim for red light in the center of his chest. You can come get him later after you’ve cleared the way. Finally Eduardo leads you back to the lighthouse. Efekt jest zawsze ten sam jak nie ja to one kill’im i mnie i ciecia. You’ll come to a pickup by the side that explodes. As you progress toward Visitation, you catch a glimpse of your next enemy, the Noosemen. Direct it at the fiery pit on the other side of the fence to stem the never-ending supply of slayers.

Go through the gate on your right, up the stairs, and through the burned fence. If you want a more challenging path, then try hitting the showers. Hop down the way you came and circle the building. Go through the locker room and down the stairs. Pop did by Francis while Urie vocals above it make the perfect combination. Eduardo takes you back to the lighthouse, and then says you need to turn on the generator. There is a crate in this hallway. At the top, don’t go through the burning fence right away.

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The device will fire periodically. Go down the stairs to get a cell block map. KasetaVHS Published on Climb atop the shed’s roof and jump over to the walkway. His album, with 16 tracks within three minutes each is candidly simple and similar but good.

Finally Eduardo leads you back to the lighthouse. Ktos moze wie, gdzie isc dalej? On either side of the road kegionista some interesting sights. Go down and before manning the machine gun, throw some flares in the dark corners for the work ahead. Left stick moves Torque forward, backward, left and right.


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Return to the pickup and climb to the other side of the ravine. Search the wooden desk to find a map. A short path takes you to a stone wall with a convenient pile of blocks you can climb over. Follow him to the left and you will encounter a lot fewer monsters.

The field will turn yellow and then vanish. The gate on the far side legionisfa you to the communications shack. When you leave the shack, a fester conveniently opens a heretofore locked gate.

Climb onto the crate and jump to a small niche with ammo, a revolver, and the Gonzo Gun. The exit is a hard-to-see hole in the fence next to the third lamp post, between some bushes.

U mnie na Thunderbird’zie wywala sie od razu po odpaleniu exe. Afterwards, the CO will go to check out a noise in the Electrical Chamber. You’ll meet a frightened guard up here. Press the left trigger to use a thrown weapon.

The first is your demon self. Clem’s map has some clearly marked stashes you can reach by smashing through walls with your axe. Otherwise, you’ll have to make your way lsgionista a series of fenced areas and past a gang of unfriendly inmates.

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Eduardo takes you back to the lighthouse, and then says you need to turn on the generator. Here you’ll find a crank that lets you lower the ladder so Dallas can follow you.

Follow the caves to where the Mad Bomber is trapped. To Torque’s left is the control station. Go into the cell it’s pointing at and legioonista Dr. Inside the guard tower is an east cellblock map.


You also catch your first glimpse of gaseous Hermes. There’s a wheel to your right that will turn off the steam. Then swing the block to the left and jump across to the ledge with the crane. Carefully clear it and use it to detonate explosives inside the cave. Return to T-Block and go out the east door next to the control room. Eventually, a Fester will burst through the gate. The Hard Way combat heavy: Gra jest naprawde mroczna i ma niesamowity klimat!! At this point you can drop into the pit to finish off the slayers.

Hop down and use the console on the first ledge to move the suspended stone block so it smashes the stone tower across from you, plugging the fiery red pit.

Here Eduardo will join you. But if you explore the cliffs near where the cinema triggered, you’ll find a path that leads down through a cave. You never know what you’ll learn. To the right of the detonator is a barricaded cave-in that grants a flashback. Continue down the trail. If you’re trying to keep Dallas alive, consider shoving the crate back in front of the door to keep him from following you.