When you get across, the other electric panels and the audio sensors will lose power. Studs x8 if you wish. Scroll down to the Old West hub section to find details on how to obtain the brick. Soon after the first one, jump up to a higher ledge on the right side. Places where higher jumps are required are marked by a blue and pink aura. Hop down and push the pedestal to the front of the fountain. Extinguisher character After hitting the brakes on the second train, go left until you’re across from the train cart that’s on fire that you crossed earlier. Watch out for the enemy bots, if you touch one you get destroyed and all studs are reset.

You can then reach big red switches and use those. Break each one and use the pieces to make a colourful snowman. Pick it up and take it over the walkway to the right, and use it on the control panel there. However, for some people the bench is simply indestructible and thus you cannot create the grapple point. Inside the saloon, take out all the enemies. Do this now on the socket just above you to create a twirl pole. Build a Blind Courage ledge and cross it, then use the Secret Knock spot.

Head left and hack the terminal. You can also pick up studs for extra cash, blue studs give you extra speed. This will bold the music playing and you’ll start a dance mini-game. Open it up and head inside. Climb over to the bficksburg above the set. After a few back and forth sweeps, they will hit a column and knock down a bunch of pieces.

Knock down the ladder on the right. Extinguisher You need to put out 6 fires throughout the level. You can just smash them with your fists, or use the Long Legs Machine and make it easier – just walk through all the buildings! Use the handle on the side of the ladder to extend it. Hacker In the gantry area, isntructions you cross over the first audio sensor. What I recommend is constantly using the pause button to see ahead and move accordingly.


Walkthrough To The Invisible Jet! She can toss weapons and pull grapple points just like Batman she can’t pull herself up from grapple points, but she can fly which pretty much makes up for inatructions.

The LEGO Movie Videogame Gold Manual Pages guide

Hit or move close to clams to make them open and release blue hearts. Cross the twirl poles to the ledge with the page.

Hop down and build the subwoofer at the Instruction Build pad. You must copy the button presses of the guy on the screen. Use the grapple point to reach the page. Looking at the construction site, turn left and notice the Secret Knock spot at the wall.

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The road is easy, just drill over all the road pieces. Beside some unused seats is a wrench switch, use it to reveal a door.

Fire the wire into the building, then use the level to pull it down. You will need to shoot them as you move MetalBeard around the room to help build the spaceship.

Complete the mini-game to make a spaceship appear. Then smash the egg to free Wyldstyle and use the rainbow pieces to make a catapult and head back up.

You’ll be in a brighter tunnel but the eel is still following you so continue to dodge it. You can make custom characters with different looks and items. Build a bouncy pad to reach the climb wall above. You’ll find the instruction page reader is broken and you need to fix it.


Then use the Master Build near where you land to build a lift to reach the top. Destroy the cracked spot and then build the pieces into a bouncy pad to reach the roof. Infiltrate The Octan Tower Level Switch to Wyldsyle and build all the pieces to make a remote control bomb that will blow up the door.

Lord Business Go to the construction site.

Hard to describe where they are specifically, but just look around the sides of the canyon and use the minigun since it locks on. Use the wrench switch to bust the barrier by Vitruvius, drop down beside him to finish the vold. From what I’ve gathered, one of the cats requires you to smash a bench near Emmet’s house and build a grapple point.

Jump out of the pit using the agility poles. Pick up the valve handle and put it on the cement mixer and turn it. With him unlocked, you should have all the powers in the game at your disposable. The chest is at the very bottom middle of the area.