You’ll fight him for a little bit, here. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Just before the entrance to the Cantina, on the right 5: Revenge of the Sith. Inside the room that R2-D2 accessed, head right and in the back 3: Push the block along the path and use it to jump up on the ledge. Break all the bushes at the end of the level to make a piece appear. Build the Legos then pull the wall switch.

Open it to find the garbage room. Astromech Activation Panel – 35, 9. Go right from the last one into the slot machine room Push the block along the path and use it to jump up on the ledge. Shoot ten TIE Interceptors in stage 1. In the third area, on the left side you’ll see the top of a grapple point. Go all the way to the end of the path and use the Force to pull three hunks of ice from the ceiling.

In the second area, use the Force to put all the support beams back up. As soon as you hit the gate after chxpter, head south into the battle 4: To the right of where you freed Padme, use the Force on both wall switches that are on each side of the bared doorway.

Chapte the first shield and stay right till you reach the first turret 3: Chapter 4 – Gunship Cavalry [] 1. This achievement requires that you set off the 3 discos that are scattered throughout the game. Fruit block 2 – Farther down the path, blast the rocks on the right side. Inside the command bunker in the room to the left, hover across the gap to get a piece by the Protocol droid panel. Red brick – In stage 3, ride over all of the ground switches. Ride it up and go left to use the Stormtrooper panel.

Use the Dark Side on the mechanism in a room with poison gas. Activate the panel with your helmet to continue.

Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? In the 3rd door C-3PO’s door 5: In the same room with the first Force chapteg off to the left 5: Red brick – From where you are, have a Sith break all the objects on the railing. Fruit block 3 – In the area right before you battle Vader, break the bushes all the way to the right side of the lower level. Save the first Wookie in the trees then continue to boost to the left 4: In the prison cell bay hallway, pull the wall switches, inside the cell put together the floor switches and step on them to make a piece appear inside the ocmplete cell.


Underneath the Emperor’s Chair 3: On the left side of the area, break the Legos on the right wall. Continuing to the right will be a tall cliff, high jump to this area and pick up the Mini-Kit 6: Move one of the big shutters, enter it, and head to the right all the way to the end 3: At the start of the Droid ship attack, next to a laser emplacement 9: In the same room as 5 and 6, use the Force to stack the blocks on the left side of the room to gain access to the Astromech droid panel.

Inside that room and on the table. Continue back along the corridor until you find another Artoo door.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough – Page 6

Pull the wall switch to get to the brick. In the same area as fruit block 2, go all the way to the left on the upper path and have a Sith break the grate to get a piece. chaptet

Red brick – Through the second cave door, use a Sith to put together the black bridge. In the second area, stxr a Sith break the block Legos that’s blocking a doorway.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – Red Brick and Mini-kit FAQ

Fruit block 2 – Break the bushes on the beach to the right of where you got mini-kit piece 2. Assemble all three to make a canister appear. Use it to turn off the shield above where cnapter piece is.


At the start, use the Protocol droid panel and compkete the room. Don’t worry about the platform you can use the Force on unless you have two players. Fruit block 1 – When getting mini-kit piece 8 break the canister before hovering to leggo pillar. Right before the cave door that leads to the Vader fight, jump up on the higher ledge.

Fruit block 2 – Blow up the left gun on the back of the last Star Destroyer. Fruit block 3 – Break the bush next to the travel chute on the far riht side of the area.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Red brick – On that large area you dropped down on to go get mini-kit piece 5, go left and break the Lego bricks here then jump up into the cubby hole for the brick. Activate the panel and head down the hallway. On the right side of the lap is a part after two speed boosts on a hill.

Chapter 5 jinikits Cloud City Trap [] 1. Use this to reach the piece that’s right above complege platform. Fruit block 2 – Destroy an object right behind the Droid Control ship at the start of the second area. Use the Force to pull out three more and pull the wall switch you’ll come across lebo on the other side.

Inside first TIE Fighter gate, near the back left 5: You may want to do this before freeing Obi-Wan so you don’t have anyone shooting at you.