Fruit block 2 – Break the flower boxes in the area around where mini-kit piece 3 is and you’ll find it. If you time pressing B for a double jump just right, you can reach this piece with Yoda while playing story mode. Where can I find the minikits on Dagobah? Go back over there and stand on them to blow up the wall revealing these two pieces. Break the object here to reveal a piece. Unresolved Where can I find ghosts? Why are you reporting this question? Super Blasters – 30,

In the area with all the cubby holes, break the three Lego pedestals blocking a cave. Build and use the wall switch for a piece. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions. A snake will come out in this area for you to destroy. Once all are gone head back to the start of the beach, go back up the rock ramp and over to the edge by the water. Step on the floor switch to start the holo-image studs moving.

Sith Force all of the black bushes to make the Canister appear. When you’re on the right side, use the detonators to blow up the crates, and then grapple lgeo.

Drop off the edge here and use the Bounty Hunter panel to get this piece. Sign Up for free. Get complte stage 3 without dieing and blow up both Federation Starships. Enter the door and smash the two canisters to reveal floor switch parts.

Next to the right-most Naboo Starfighter, there’s platforms in the leto. Fruit block 2 – Blow up the left gun on the back of the last Star Destroyer. Use the Force to stack all the blocks, then smash the containers in the corner of the room and build the Legos it reveals.

Fly over the four switches on the Republic Cruiser. Across the bridge, ride the lift up then pull the wall switch.

After exiting Yoda’s trial area not long before the entrance to the cavelegl an obvious grapple point leading to this one.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. Sith Force 2 bushes in the far right of the area, then build the buttons.

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Jump left and then up. Break the two boxes in the middle to episide target pieces. Pull the wall switch to start a platform moving. Step on the switch to make a piece appear then climb the ledges to the right to get it.

Fruit block 2 – Break a canister by mini-kit piece 1.

Dagobah – LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough & Guide – GameFAQs

Step on it to make a box drop onto the beach, break it for a piece. Fruit block 1 – Episoxe the same area break a canister to find it. Unresolved how do I get through episode VI, chapter 1? Walk into the “beam” to be lifted up to the piece. In the third minikitw use the Stormtrooper panel.

Survive stage 2 and blow up the Death Star and escape. Fruit block 2 – Past where you got mini-kit piece 4 blast the rockes till you find it. In the second part of the power generator room, minlkits all the way to the left side. In the last area, go left and use the Stormtrooper panel. Fruit block 2 – Break the bushes on the beach to the right of where you got mini-kit piece 2. Take two more hearts and the apparition will go back to the ground floor, so finish him off, then leave by the far gate.

Dagobah: Yoda’s house minikit(s), Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Questions and answers for Wii

Pull the wall switch, then after the shield turns off use the Force to build the grapple point and use it to get the piece. Use them to get up to the tree platforms to get the piece on compplete platform to the right. Use R2-D2 to activate the panel, jinikits forward, and use Yoda to raise the ship to end the level.


Use the tow-cable to trip three AT-ST’s in stage 4. In the same room as 5 and 6, use the Force to stack the blocks on the left side of the room to gain access to the Astromech droid panel. Destroy all of the plants with your Lightsaber, then have Yoda help you use the Force on the rest of them to get some pieces to make a bridge. Use the Force to light up all the lights in the hallway you start in to make a piece appear.

Search YouTube if you want videos of how to get them!

Don’t have an account? Hover across the gap for a piece. Break the object here to reveal a piece. Super Blasters – 30, Drop off the left of this platform and push the box off dagbah ledge.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – FAQ/Walkthrough

It took us awhile but we figured it out. In this area pull the wall switch to make a piece appear. Jump up on the edge and fall off at the blue stud to land on a roof with the brick. Use the Force to light them up which makes saag floor switches appear back where you broke the canisters.

Use it then jump from platform to platform and break the object. Added 23rd JulID Fly over eight switches shaped like a square near the cokplete of the last area.

Use a Thermal Detonator to blow up the box to reveal a piece. Destroy everything in the area with your saber, then use the Force on the remaining stuff to create a bridge to another part of land.

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